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Significance Of Flat Roof Maintenance In Fort Lauderdale

All residential and commercial buildings built with flat roofs are in need of regular maintenance. This ensures the fact that the roof remains water resistant. It becomes more important as your roof ages. It’s true that rain and wind wear away your tiling. However the weather in Fort Lauderdale can bring about catastrophic damage to your rooftop. This is why you should follow a regular preventive schedule for flat roof maintenance to minimize potential problems.


In general a flat roof is almost level and does not have a definite slope. It is covered with water-resistant membrane like rubber. It is installed for allowing water to drain into a gutter system. People mostly use this tiling, as it costs lesser than traditional sloped tiling. Moreover flat tiling is popular in Fort Lauderdale since 1960, as it does not need shingles that tend to rot easily in the Florida climate. At present the common types of flat roof systems include asphalt roll tiling and multiple ply. Every flat roof system has the need for special applications and so it requires the skill of experienced contractor for fixing and repairing.

Need for maintenance

You have to take care of your tiling because of cracked surface, rusted sealed flashings, loose fasteners, incorrect pan roof tie-in and loss of granular material. Remember that any small leak can lead to serious damage in due course of time. In general leak occurring in flat tiling is not noticed for a long time, which allows water to get soaked into the structure. This develops in decay, which can lead to a health risk for your family members and pets. The decay can seriously damage your tiling structure. However the main problem is that it is often very difficult to determine the location of the leak as visible water is typically some distance away from the actual leak. This is why every flat tiling should be inspected twice in a year especially after a major storm.

Checklist items

You have to check that all the flashings and lap seams around your roof top penetration are watertight. You should also be sure of the fact that all tiling drains are clear. Furthermore you have to check the damage caused to the actual membrane. You have to ensure the fact that there is no sign of water build-up and that the asphalt-based materials are covered with gravel. If necessary you have to fix blisters to forestall leaks and apply coating to fix leaks. Sometimes infrared thermography is also needed for locating the leaks. Remember that tiling system can last for several years if repairing is done at the right time.

Choose the best contractor

An expert contractor will understand all the requirements of proper roof maintenance. However you should look into the fact that the roofer is certified, licensed and insured. Do some research work and appoint the best Fort Lauderdale Roofing contractor for maintaining your roof.

Danl W Jones is an experienced consultant and owner of Fort Lauderdale Roofing company. To know more about this and get assistance on Miami Roof Repair professionals, you may visit our website http://waterproofroofer.com/ .


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