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Significant aspects during the printing process of disc inserts

The right CD packaging can be the spark for the customers to pick up a CD from the shelf. If you have invested too much time in designing the CD covers, you also need to ensure that the print of the design looks professional. The disc inserts printing is quite a challenging task. However, there are numerous options to create the best disc inserts.

Useful ideas for appealing compact disc inserts:

Size of the inserts:

Preferably9.5 inches by4.75 inches are the most common order of the sizeof the inserts. Before making the decision about  printing you must consider the size of your cases to enhance the possibility of quality work.

Create designs that relate to the assignment:

Inserts are used in selling CD and DVD projects. Therefore the aspect of relevance is important. The artwork which is used in the inserts should not only complement but also reflect the idea of the project contained in the CDs. You can even print on both the sides of the inserts in order to attract the target audiences. But this should be done with instruction regarding how to use the disc on one side.  You may also print your contact information on the cover.

Use free design templates:

There are countless number of free design templates and design softwares that you can easily obtain from online and make use of it for printing inserts. The design labels and the software offer layout that enables you to design, save as well as print inserts that matches your personal preferences. The templates on the contrary are already designed so that you can simply insert your design and artwork depending on your requirement. Templates are quite cost effective as you can download them free of any charges.Even if you are planning to order bulk CD copies, the cost of the inserts printing becomes much less.

Choose the best printing paper:

You can either choose matt finish paper or glossy paper for printing CD inserts. You need to be cautious while using these papers as each of these have their own merits and demerits. Matt finishing paper would be the ideal choice as these are available at a much cheaper price as compared to the glossy printing papers.

Focus on the artwork safe zone:

 Often the designers forget about this aspect which is very crucial.  This safe zone of the artwork refers to the 1/8 inch space that needs to be maintained at the boundaries of the printing areas. Always remember not to put any important information on these boundaries of theinserts. This is done to ensure that important information is not lost even if there are mistakes in the measurements of the margins during the  printing process.

Choice of colour:

The type of colour to be used is an important factor to be considered. Either you can opt for full colour or half colour. The choice should be based on your long term goals. It is better to settle with full colour as it creates a positive image for the clients to appreciate.

To help with the marketing of the discs CD inserts are essential.As these inserts include the name of the artist, the project name and most importantly, the information of the company. This enables everyone to get the essential information regarding what the CD is all about before they decide to purchase.

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