Signs He Is Into You


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Are there any ways of finding out if that cute guy has it for you? Sure, there are – from the verbal and non-verbal variety. Here are a couple of pointers:


  1. If a guy’s interested in a female (or another male, we don’t want to shut someone out), he’ll show it with his body. Whereas there will always remain a distance between two people who are not very interested, the guy who want to know you better will lean towards you, which he can do in a subtle way or very direct.
  2. Eye contact can do the trick as well. If he want to get closer to you, he’ll focus his eyes on you, and keep on doing that. When you return his glance with an encouraging smile, he’ll be at your side asap.
  3. For some evident reason, the interested guy will also want to touch you – whether it is by putting a hand on your knee, a gentle touch at the back, brushing hands at the photocopier. It’s his way of letting you know he adores you.


  1. You’ll meet the guy everywhere you go to. The first time he’ll say: ‘hey, nice to meet you here’, but don’t think it’s a mere coincidence. He picks out this place because he knows you’ll be there too.
  2. When you listen in to conversations males have, you’ll notice they only talk about one thing important: themselves! When a guy gives you his full attention and will listen to what you are saying, he’s probably Mr. Right for you.
  3. If he cancels a date with his friends to go to a football match or another completely male thing, and accompanies you to the cinema to watch a very romantic movie – or even goes shopping with you, boy, you’ve hit the jackpot!
  4. Look for signs of nervousness. Unexpected laugher, sweaty hands and fidgeting tell you he’s nervous around you and excited at the same time. Help him calm down, and he’ll reward you with being that great guy you can depend on.
  5. An interested guy will laugh at your bad jokes. Not even your best (girl) friend would do that!
  6. He’ll tell his friends about you. They’ll know about y our likes and dislikes.
  7. He’ll even befriend your friends, in an effort to learn more about you.
  8. He’ll also call you for no reason because he misses you and wants to be with you.
  9. He’ll turn op on time for a date. When you have a date for eight o’clock, he won’t be later than a couple of minutes. And if something gets in his way, he’ll give you the courtesy of calling or bring flowers to show his regret.

Men and women have different brain chemistry. She is verbal, he is not. He’s driven by visual desires, she is guided by emotions. Therefore, if you can get a guy to open up and show his emotions, that is a good sign.


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