Signs of a Married Man


Authored by Kristian Keefer in Dating, Marriage
Published on 02-17-2009

Have you ever had the sinking feeling that you are not the only woman in your boyfriend’s life? If your boyfriend has another girlfriend that is bad enough, but what if he has a wife? There are some signs you can look for to try to determine if your man has a family that he is hiding.

Does your boyfriend act nervous if he runs into someone he knows while the two of you are out? Does he try to pass you off as a business associate? If he does not introduce you as his girlfriend or does not introduce you at all, he might have a wife at home. Your boyfriend probably has a wife or at least another woman if he nervously scans a crowd before entering a building or an event. The same is true if he is forever catching sight of someone he knows and giving you a lame excuse as to why he desperately wants to avoid them.

If your boyfriend only comes to your house and never invites you over to his, you should be concerned. The same is true if your boyfriend won’t even tell you in what town he lives. Warning bells should be going off in your head. When your boyfriend withholds contact information such as his address or his home or work telephone number, he probably has a family at home.

Does your boyfriend insist that you only call him at certain times of the day? Does he ever abruptly cut you off when talking on the phone and you are sure you heard a woman or kids in the background? Let’s face it he is probably not out to eat at a family restaurant. It is more likely that you called at a very bad time.

Is it impossible to set a date with your boyfriend any time other than a work night? If your boyfriend will never commit to a date on a weekend or on his vacation days, then you are most likely the other woman. The same is true if he dodges making plans to get together over the holidays. When your boyfriend drops off the face of the earth for a few days he might have a wife and family.

Another sure sign that your boyfriend has a wife is if he makes dates that are several miles from your home. If he passes the local movie theatre to drive to one two towns away, he is trying to avoid being seen be someone who could report to his wife. While it is believable that he would drive miles out of town to a nice restaurant every now and then, it is suspicious if he does so each and every time you go out.

If your boyfriend has that odd tan line or white circle around his ring finger that signals a ring, he is probably married. He might give you some lame excuse like he sometimes wears a ring on that finger, but that idea is laughable. For all you know, his wedding ring is stuffed in his wallet.

Do you have a boyfriend who will never go out anywhere? Does he only ever hang out at your house? He might just be cheap and not want to take you out on a date. But then again he might be afraid of running into his wife or someone who knows he is married.

If you have been dating for quite awhile now and still have not met a single friend or member of his family, there is something fishy. Maybe he doesn’t have a lot to do with his family and has very few friends. But it is more likely that he knows he can’t very well show up at someone’s house with a woman who isn’t his wife.


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