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Signs to prove the success of your last shopping spree of designer items

  • By Robert Martine
  • Published 12/19/2010
  • Satire

Most women love shopping, and it is already a recognized truth of nature and statistics. While shopping, to most men, is just an activity to get things needed for keeping a human being alive. Shopping with women, to the men, is worse than directly telling them to go to hell. Women find shopping a liberating experience and enjoy the thrill of discovering new products and services. Designer dresses, handbags or accessories are on the list of women’s favorites, which help them keep confident and beautiful and thus happy. The female specie particularly loves it when they can find the latest designer bag or shoe or product on sale and at a ridiculous discount. Still, spending a Saturday afternoon going from shop to shop, finding designer item after designer item and going home with a couple of shopping bags plus a big fat smile on your face, all of these construct a beautiful and delightful scene. However, it only represents one side of the coin to the shopping experience. Well, these ladies are never fully satisfied until she receives the admiration and complements from her friends. These items they’ve got are regarded as the ‘spoils’ she caught in the shopping mall ‘jungle’. 

It does make some sense, at least from a lady’s point of view, that there should be two sides of the equation when it comes to shopping. After all, what is t

he use of getting those beloved Louis Vuitton handbags you’ve dreamed about for ages, if no one is going to bat an eyelid in your direction when you attend a social function? Most women do not go shopping just for the thrill of getting designer items at a remarkable discount but for the social endorsement from others. There are some behaviors of your friends which can prove that your new designer handbags, dresses or shoes were worthy of all the hassle on that Saturday afternoon. Let me give you some examples: Your friends ask if you can take them to the shop or boutique where you bought your designer shoes or purse. A few days after you buy your bag, you see a very popular female celebrity carrying the same one on the magazine. You beat your colleagues by getting the same Gucci shoes at a great discount to what she got them for. You caught all of the attention as you sashay into a room with your new floral print dress. You overhear two waiters fighting over who will serve you at local restaurant. People ask you for a signature, since they’ve mistaked you for a celebrity with your Gucci sunglasses … Or the porters at the airport bypass your girlfriends and ask to carry your new Louis Vuitton traveling bags. 

If one or several of the scenes above has happened to you, then there you have it. The social endorsements prove that you made wise choices when you went on your last shopping spree.



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