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Silent and Effective T5 Laptop Cooling Stand


Laptop Cooling Stand BoxLaptop Cooler Box

Office electronics are something that we don’t get to review all that often, but today we are taking a look at the T5 laptop cooling stand that has a great reputation for being very quiet and very effective at cooling your laptop.  The good thing about th review of this laptop cooling stand is that we got to do a little science experiment and measure the laptops temperatures with and without the laptop cooler being used, the results are further down at the end of the review if you want to skip right to that.


Laptop Cooling Stand Top View

The metal mesh surface of the T5 Laptop cooler where your laptop will rest measures 13.5″ x 8.75″ while the rest of the unit at its widest points measures 14.5″ x 15.75″ and the sloped back of the unit rises 2″ up from the base, unless you extend the small legs underneath which give it an extra .5″ of height making the overall height 2.5″ tall.  As you can see from this photo, the unit contains 4 small perimeter fans and one large center fan that pull air from inside the laptop down and out under the base of the T5 laptop cooling stand.


Laptop Cooling Stand Switched On

Once you hook up the T5 laptop cooler to your laptop with the included USB cord, you can switch on the fan buttons in the back which fires up the fans and turns on the blue lights.  There is no way to turn off the lights while the unit is running if you were wondering.  I was shocked when I first fired up the laptop cooler because the fans are almost perfectly silent.  You definitely only hear the noise of my actual laptop fans, not the cooler units fans at all.


Laptop Cooling Stand with Led and Fans in the Dark

Just because it looks pretty cool in the dark with the awesome blue LEDs I thought I’d include another version of the above picture but with the lights off.


Laptop Cooling Stand with Laptop Side View USB

From the side you can see that the USB power cable isn’t the most neat and clean solution for powering the fans inside the unit, but it is certainly pretty simple.  I do have the occasional fear that a quick movement will get me tangled up in the cable and somehow either trip myself, take down the computer, or both.


Laptop Cooling Stand Back View

The back of the laptop cooler has two USB ports, as well as two buttons to turn the fans on and off.  One button controls the 4 smaller perimeter fans, while the other controls the large center fan.  The second open USB port that is available when you have this hooked up does act as a power source for other devices you may want to charge, however it does not allow you to access something like an external hard drive.

Laptop Temperatures without Laptop Cooling Stand

So my laptop tends to run pretty hot, one of the reasons being is because I like to run the SETI / BOINC application that constantly crunches and analyzes data looking for aliens at full speed all day long.  The results you see above show the temperatures coming in at about 200 degrees Fahrenheit after a few hours of running without the cooling  unit being used.   The temperatures in the left hand column is the current temperature, the one in the center is the lowest recorded temperature (I think the laptop was shut down for a few minutes to get that measurement) and the temperature on the right is the highest recorded temperature.

Laptop Temperatures with Laptop Cooling Stand

With the T5 Laptop Cooling Stand in place and running, you can see that there is basically about a 25 degree drop in temperature, which took place within about 6 minutes of the laptop sitting on the laptop cooler with the fans running.  Even without relying on software to measure the temperature of the inside of the laptop, I could tell just from touching some of the areas on the surface of the laptop that the temperature had significantly reduced, and all within just a few minutes.


Laptop Cooler Box

The T5 laptop cooling stand is a very silent and very effective way to reduce the temperature of your laptops, but don’t forget that keeping the fan and moving parts dust free are also good maintenance tips to make sure your laptop is running cool and efficiently.  One last thing about the T5 laptop cooling stand is that the “features” on the back of the box make for some interesting reading, so I’ll leave you with that…


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