Simple SelfDefense Moves That Can Save Your Life


Authored by Douglas Mefford in Recreation and Sports
Published on 04-10-2009

As the population grows, crime becomes greater and the value of human life seems to drop. It has gotten to the point in the United States that recent Department of Justice statistics show that for every one thousand people there can be expected, one rape or sexual assault, two physical assaults that result in injury and at least two robberies. It also shows that you have a one in five chance of one of these things happening to you next. The statistics increase dramatically when applied to the collegiate environment.

There are some considerations to think about before trying to fight back against your attacker. If the perpetrator has a weapon, you must consider what it is they are wanting and if your life is truly being threatened. A robbery is not the time for heroics. Material items can be replaced. It should only be when you are fearful of your very life that you should do all in your power to drive off your assailant.

One such movement that can be used in an attempt to get an attacker to back off is the suprasternal/jugular nitch back off. This is useful if the attacker has approached you from the front trying to “bear-hug” you. It involves taking two fingers and driving them into the soft concavity just above the joining of the collarbones and below the “adams-apple” or larynx. Pressure driven into this area will produce a gag reflex in the assailant and a fair amount of pain. This needs to be done quickly and as a surprise so the assailant will not be able to deflect your arms and hands coming up. If their hold on you loosens, then run away as fast as possible.

The nose is another very vulnerable area that can be utilized as a place to put pressure on to drive an assailant back. Using a flatly held hand, if you can bring it up to the attacker’s face, you can use the “blade” edge of your hand to push firmly into the base of their nose. You must make sure to maintain a stiffly held hand and keep the pressure on at a ninety degree angle for best effect. As a last resort if this does not get them to let go and back off would be to quickly draw the hand back and drive the heel of your palm directly up toward the base of their nose. It should be noted that this maneuver does have the potential of breaking the nose and driving the cartilage into the brain. It should only be used in a situation where it is either your life or theirs.

Also possible in a life threatening situation is the eye-gouge. If your hands can come up to the attacker’s head, then grabbing a hold of the ears so the thumbs can be driven into your attacker’s eyes may be the last resort that gets you free of them. It is not for the squeamish as you will need to try to pop their eyes like grapes. But when the alternative is to lose you life do what you must to stay alive.


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