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Simpsons Moleskine Limited Edition Journals


We have a love hate relationship with Moleskine here, and these Simpsons Moleskine Limited Edition Journals remind us of that situation.  On one hand, the paper quality really leaves a lot to be desired but from a branding and marketing perspective they do some pretty awesome and fun things.  These Simpsons Moleskine Limited Edition Journals are a great example of some of the fun things they do when it comes to licensing iconic pop culture figures to appear on their journals.  In this case the new journals commemorate the 25th anniversary of the longest running TV show ever.

Just like many of their other products, The Simpsons Moleskine limited edition journals have color coded covers that indicate the type of paper you will find inside.  The black version that you see above with Homer on the cover is the smaller version that has blank pages on the inside.  There is a difference that you can probably pick up on when you look at the different photos of the black and yellow covers.  The yellow covers have black ink to create the outline of each character but the black covers instead have a stamped effect to create the characters.

the-simpsons-moleskine-limited-edition-journals-yellow-large-ruled-homer-6747971This Yellow version of the Simpsons Moleskine journal is the larger format that comes with ruled pages inside.  One thing you will notice here is that they all come with a yellow elastic closure which I think looks great on the black covers.  I think that if the yellow version had a contrasting black elastic closure it would look a little nicer.

It’s worth noting that this above version of The Simpsons Moleskine Limited Edition Journals is the only one that has both Homer and Bart Simpson featured on the cover.  Each of the other versions only has Bart or Homer individually.

Each version of the Simpsons Moleskine Limited Edition Journals comes with a different set of stickers inside showing some of the other familiar elements from the show.  Moleskine even did something fun with the inside of each cover wrapper as you can see in the next photo.  The sequential scene of Homer running with his hands and arms flailing has to make anyone chuckle that has ever watched the show.

Availability of the Simpsons Moleskine Limited Edition Journals.

The Simpsons Moleskine Limited Edition Journals are available for pre-order at Amazon and it looks like they will be shipping sometime in March.  If you go to the Moleskine Store says they will ship by January 15th of 2014 though, so you do have some alternatives.

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