Single Dad’s Dating Guide


Authored by Crystal Crowder in Dating 
Published on 09-20-2010

Single dads often forget about dating. They are more worried about their child or children, working towards their career and moving past their last relationship. Single dads deserve love as much as the next person. A new partner can create a very positive environment for both the father and the child. However, getting past either death or divorce can be difficult. When a dad is ready, here are some easy to follow tips to guide a single dad on the path towards dating.


Guys are naturally logical thinkers. Emotion isn’t the main basis for thinking as is normal for most women. Dads should fully embrace this logic. A step by step approach can be taken when deciding who to date, where to go and who to continue dating.

Why Date

Many fathers wonder why they should bother dating to start with. After all, they’ve already had a relationship that ended due to a breakup, divorce or the passing of a spouse. Dads try to protect their children from another loss in their life. Dating can help both the father and child move past their loss. Finding someone new can mean the father is happier, which trickles down to the child. Dating will help you find someone to love both you and your child and be someone else your child can rely on.

Questions to Ask

Before dating, a dad should ask himself some extremely important questions. First, are you ready to date? If you’re not ready, you’ll automatically reject anyone you go out with. Is your child ready to accept the possibility of a new woman in your life? Talk to your child or children to see how they feel about you dating. Explain how you feel so they understand. How hectic is your life? If you currently have a hectic schedule at work or your involvement in your child’s life keeps your constantly busy, you may not have time for dating. What type of woman are you looking for? This doesn’t mean looks. Think of values and interests. Consider both you and your children. At this stage of your life, you want to find someone compatible with as little compromise as possible. The less you have to disrupt you and your child’s life, the better.

Finding a Date

Single dads have a variety of ways to find dates. Online dating sites are incredibly popular, especially for busy fathers. With a monthly fee and a detailed profile, you can find women that are possible matches. You can talk to matches online before deciding to meet them, if at all.

Another method is involving yourself in you and your child’s hobbies and interests. You can meet like minded people. By socializing, you can meet women, make friends and ask people out when you’re ready. You can talk to friends, family and co-workers as well. Ask them if they have anyone in mind for you. Though no one is thrilled about blind dates, you can double date with who ever set you up to keep the date less awkward.

Dating for single dads isn’t much different than dating at any other point. The main difference is you have your child or children to consider as well. Always remember to keep their interests at the forefront. Always tell your date about your child and never take a date to your home to meet your child until you feel comfortable with them. When you become serious, talk to your child and see how they feel. You’re a team and should agree on who you decide to bring home in the end.


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