Six Time Saving Firefox Extensions for Bloggers

This article looks at some sought-after, time saving extensions for bloggers who use the open source Firefox web browser.


Sometimes as a blogger you visit other blogs and leave comments. One reason is to get a backlink to your blog. The other reason could be that you want to maintain a presence in a high-traffic blog. There is a possibility that your comment could spark off more comments than for the blog post itself. coComment helps you keep track of responses to your comments on other blogs or websites. Among the blog services supported are WordPress, Blogger, Flickr and Typepad. An envelope on the taskbar means there has been responses to your comments.

Session Manager

Session manager is a handy tool for bloggers who do much research over the Net and fear losing their research sources. It restores web pages you you accidentally close or when your computer crashes. This is handy especially when you’ve trouble recalling website URLs you’ve recently visited. With Session Manager you can easily access all the windows and tabs that have been closed.

Resizeable Textarea

This extension would be helpful for bloggers who make frequent postings at forums. Some forums have small textarea boxes for posting. That’s fine if you post a few lines. For longer posts, you would have to scroll up and down to preview your post. Resizeable Textarea eliminates this inconvenience by allowing you to resize most of the textareas in forums.

Copy Plain Text

This is a handy extension for bloggers who frequently copy and paste text from web pages into Word or other Office applications. When you do that, the pasted document comes with the formatting of the original document. To avoid this you would paste it on a Notepad before copying and pasting it into Word. With Copy Plain Text you have the option to copy a text selection minus the formatting by just a right click of your mouse button. The text pasted will follow the formatting in Word.

Copy as HTML Link

This is another handy tool a blogger can’t do without. If your blog posts contain a lot of links to relevant websites, all you have to do is choose a keyword in the destination web page and turn it into a clickable link. Select the text you wish to make an HTML link, right click your mouse and choose Copy as HTML Link and paste it to you clipboard and you’ll be ready to use it in your blog in the HTML or code mode.


What if you need to capture a web image for use in your blog and do some basic editing? This extension allows you to import an image into Picnik where you can resize it while maintaining the aspect ratio.


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