Six Top Useful Freeware to Enhance Your Pocket PC Experience

As a Pocket PC user, you’re spoiled for choice when it comes to freeware applications for your device. You have access to games, system tools, graphics, network utilities, multimedia applications and even web video downloaders at your disposal, to mention a few. In this article we are going to look at some top freeware that would enhance your Pocket PC experience.

CurrencyConv for Pocket PC

This utility developed by Vicott Wong allows you to determine the conversion rates for major currencies. This application would be useful if you travel often to foreign countries. All you have to do is enter the currency you want to convert from and two other currencies you want to convert to. For example if you want to convert U$1 to Euro or Singapore currencies, you just have to select the latter currencies from the drop down menu. As the currency market sees a daily fluctuation, you can get the latest updates by activating the update button.

My Mobiler

This application comes handy for the user who frequently needs to transfer data from the Pocket PC to the desktop PC. My Mobiler helps you control your Pocket PC using your desktop keyboard and mouse. Other features include copy and paste between you mobile device and desktop. Apart from the drag-and-drop feature from desktop to mobile, there’s also the facility to capture the mobile screen.


This program allows you to fit your favourite images to match the resolution of your Pocket PC. You can resize easily resize a 1024×768 landscape photo to 320×240 and a 768×1024 portrait photo to 240×320. All you have to do is set your JPEG compression level and you’re ready to go. Batch processing is also supported.

Pocket DivXEncoder

Turn your Pocket PC into a movie theatre. Grab any movie clip from your desktop hard disk and encode it to play in your mobile device. You can opt for a screen size of 240 x340 for bright and clear visuals without taxing on your CPU resources.


Do you want to manage your shopping lists? Do you want to build a database to recall all that you’ve purchased before? HandyShopper is just the tool for you. You can use the application to check off items as you put them in your shopping cart in the neighbourhood supermarket. What’s more, you can use HandyShopper to create other kinds of lists, too. A handy tool to organize your shopping and life.


This is one cool freeware that allows you to make Skype voice calls. The way you do this is by using a WiFi-enabled Pocket PC from any WiFi hotspot. Skype relies on the popular P2P (peer-to-peer) technology to put you in touch with other Skype users. Before long, you’ll be making free unlimited worldwide calls to your Skype contacts. Apart from the audio clarity you enjoy, you have access to a Friends list which updates you on your Skype friends who are online and ready to chat. PocketSkype also provides you with superior encryption of your calls for added privacy.


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