Six Useful Parenting Tips

Here is a guideline for parents who want to raise their children to become more loving and responsible people:

1. Never use corporal punishment, instead, opt for a constructive disciplinary approach

It has been suggested by many child psychologists that physical punishment would result to lower self-esteem and increased vulnerability to depression and stress. As parents, they should let their children know the things they shouldn’t do, further explaining to them that it’s for their own good.

2. Use methods such as time-out

When properly done, this technique is highly effective. Here is how it works: the child is made to sit on a chair or may stand in one corner for a certain period of time. He or she is not allowed to play not until the time for this imposition has already passed. According to many psychologists, this may be the most effective tool of disciplining children since it is not severe but is still very effective in triggering the boredom of any child, forcing them not to commit the same mistake again.

3. Make the child feel being loved and respected

Many psychologists suggested that one of the most effective tools in making children to become more responsible is to allow them to pose certain ramification for their unacceptable behavior. This is how it works: parents should ask their child what would be their punishment, for example if he uses illegal drugs. The child would most likely reply that he should be punished and be grounded for many months or not be given an allowance. And in cases where the child had erred from this pact, parents should be lenient to follow their initial agreement.

4. Avoid hurtful words that may undermine a child’s self-esteem

Words may be dagger-like especially when said by parents. Children constantly need parents’ approval, assurance, and support. Parents should explain to their children why they are being disciplined while avoiding hurtful words that can insult the children and lower their self-esteem.

5. Build a two-way communication

Some parents commit a mistake of raising their children as if they were in a tyrannical environment. This approach would often result to resentment of children against their parents, building more distance between their relation.

It is important for parents to know what their children’s are thinking, making them realize that their ideas are important as well. For parents, they should know this golden rule, “Always maintain to have big ears and a smaller mouth.”

6. Parents should live their lives solely to become their children’s role model

The most effective way to make a child grow to become loving, responsible, and good-natured people is to set an example. No matter how much parents teach their children good values, all will be put into waste if they could not even set a good example for their own children.


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