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Skateboarding an extreme sport

Skateboarding has become one of the top activities amongst our youth; it is no longer one of those defiant activities but has evolved into a very profitable extreme sport. Today there are over twelve million skateboarders across worldwide with the majority being under the age group of 18 years. The younger generation has a strong hold on this industry, while some have taken it up as a mere hobby; some have chosen it as their profession.

When you focus on the specs that are right for you though, it is easy to pick out skateboarding equipment. These tips will help you spend less time deciding and more time skating.

The board is the main part that your feet rest on. Skateboard decks are mostly made of wood and maple is the pick of woods for most decks. The cyclist should inspect it to make sure the wood is nice and hard for extra. The length and the width are the important details to be looked into while purchasing a skateboard. The length you choose should be based upon your height, while width is related to what kind of skating you would enjoy. For park skating, 8 inches or wider is a fine choice and for street skating and for more tricks, you’ll want something below 8 inches of width.

Wheels are the second major thing to be focused on when buying a skateboard. Durometer and Diameter are the two main points to be focused on. Durometer is a way of measuring the hardness of a wheel, i.e. if you spend a lot of your time riding ramps, you’ll want bigger wheels and if you do more flat ground skating and flip tricks, you should use smaller wheels: Diameter. Bearings are the metal rings inside wheels that link them up to the trucks. Always make sure to buy a brand specifically for skateboarding.

An essential piece of skateboard equipment is Truck. It is a metal axle that connects the deck to the wheels, and they come in sets of two. There are three important details to be looked in while buying it i.e. Width, bushings and height. The width is decided based on the length of your deck. 

Bushings are pieces of rubber in the trucks that cushion your turns. The higher the stiffness, the more stability and the easier it is to balance. The softer the bushings are, the easier it is to turn. Height is a small detail and affects the size of wheels you need.

In Skateboarding, the only piece of equipment you need is a board. Other accessories, like skateboarding clothes for example are for being stylish. The tips given above will make it much simpler for you to choose skateboarding equipment.

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