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Skilled Attorney Can Make Difference in Truck Accident Case

Large commercial trucks like 18 wheelers constitute major portion of traffic on the highways of Austin and around Texas. There is an increase in the number of oil and gas drilling fields which has led to an increase in the number of trucks on these highways. With so many 18 wheelers it is impossible to avoid accidents, injuries and even death. Most commercial trucks are huge with enormous weight and when they collide with other motor vehicles, the cars are reduced to nothing. People are injured badly.

Consequences of 18 wheelers accident

Truck accident victims are left struggling to pay for the enormous medical bills and huge damages. Most of these accidents lead to brain injuries, spinal cord injuries or other serious injuries and a person may have to undergo treatments for rest of the life. Moreover, the person is incapable to join back work. Thus wages also stops. The family and the victim experience tremendous financial crisis.

Insurance company makes use of this situation

Insurance representative meets with the victim and family members even before they can decide and appoint an attorney.  Insurance adjusters made compensation offers which seem lucrative to many truck victims as it saves them from acute financial pressure. Thus, most of them accept the offer. In the long run the victim realizes that the money is far less than adequate. Thus, it is essential to take professional legal help after any such accident.

Steps to be taken after an accident

18 wheelers accidents often left victims and their family members confused and they are tensed regarding what to do. It is crucial to seek medical assistance immediately after the accident. However, even if the injuries look minor never neglect it. A thorough medical examination is essential as it is not possible to diagnose brain injuries from outside.

After the primary trauma is over, it is vital to appoint an experienced Austin 18 wheeler accident attorney who will file claims. A skilled lawyer wait for doctor’s consent and when the doctor says that there will be no further health complications, the lawyer can proceed to make compensation claims. The lawyer collects necessary evidences and witnesses for the case.

In a personal injury case it is very important to find out who is responsible for the accident. You will be entitled to claim the money even if you are partly responsible. In these types of cases it is seen that trucking companies are most of the time responsible for the accident. They disobey Government’s regulations which lead to accidents.

About the Author- Rob Baptist an expert lawyer on truck accidents.He writes online blogs and in his write-ups he has mentioned that these accidents are fatal and distressful. Victim of such accident experience real hard times.Rob suggested that after an accident it is important for victims or their family members to contact a skilled Austin 18 wheeler accident attorney as soon as possible.


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