Skin Bleaching Treatment for Skin Discoloration


Authored by Sanketa Nayak in Skin Care 
Published on 01-11-2009

One of the most popular skin treatments nowadays is the skin bleaching method. This is done in order to achieve an even skin tone. The skin can often get dark spots that are unwanted especially when one is conscious with regards to cosmetic aspects. Skin bleaching is often interchanged with skin whitening methods but this two are completely different from each other but these processes can be arranged in an effective routine in order to achieve a clear complexion.

One may wonder what are some reasons for having dark spots. The dark spots or what you call skin discoloration has a lot of causes. The most common one is the effect of skin inflammation. If your skin suffered from a trauma whether minor or severe, it can often have an inflammation. Examples of this type of traumas are pimples, insect bites or even just continuous friction of skin. These can result to skin irritation and definitely skin discoloration. When these traumas are cured, they often leave a mark known as skin pigmentation or a condition known as post inflammatory hyper pigmentation (PIH). The color of PIH is dependent on your natural skin tone. The darker your skin, the darker PIH is. As we all know the darker the skin discoloration the longer the skin treatment would be.

Melasma is another cause of discoloration and sometimes associated with pregnancy. When a person is pregnant, her body produces a hormone estrogen and can result to production of melanocytes. This causes brown patches that can be seen in the face.

The ultimate and most obvious cause of discoloration is the sun. It plays a huge role in bringing uneven color to the skin. Whether you are sunbathing or just unintentionally caught in the rays of the sun, it can make the pigment-producing cells in our skin active.

Skin bleaching is a way to treat these main causes of discoloration. Before undergoing this process, one must be able to understand fully what skin bleaching is. It is important to know that hydroquinone as the main bleaching ingredient. Remember that bleaching is only applied to dark spots. Select the spots well to avoid further causing of uneven tone in the skin. Stop the bleaching process if you already got your desired effects. Try putting on sun protection when you are undergoing skin bleaching to avoid darkening the areas you are currently treating. The duration of the process is clearly depended on the darkness of the area. The process can really take a long time if it is really worse.

If you opt for skin bleaching process, you need a well rounded and balanced regimen. This way it should eliminate pigmentation and prevent melanin formation. Aside from hydroquinone, there are other ingredients that you could mix to be able to maximize the results. There are a lot of elements that you could use and sometimes it comes from the nature itself. Some of these are Mitracarpus scaber extract, Dithiaoctanediol, Beta carotene, Licorice extract, Gluconic acid, Kojic acid, Melatonin, vitamin c and a lot more. There is also what you call non prescription options as well. There are many gels sold in the market that already combined these ingredients and are proven to work well.
Always remember that when you have already decided to undergo the skin bleaching process, stick to it until you get your desired results. Overdoing it can cause negative outcome that are even worst than the skin situation before. Don’t forget to continuously put protection that can fight the harmful rays of the sun.


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