Skyscrapers in Bangkok

Bangkok is the capital of Thailand. It is a busy city, having developed from a city scattered along the river to a metropolis which includes up to six provinces. Its main commercial districts and residential areas are constantly expanding. Bangkok receives thousands of Western visitors annually as well as immigrants from neighboring Asian countries such as Laos, Myanmar and Cambodia. Coupled with the increase of Thai population, consequently, hundreds of housing projects mushroom around the metro area, creating communities along the outskirts. As the city further develops, these communities are completely engulfed by the ever expanding territories and become another part of this urban territory.

This socio-economical background makes Bangkok a very unique city indeed. On the outskirts, visitors will be able to observe residential houses and at the same time, they will be able to see a lot of skyscrapers in Bangkok inner city. There are actually 1,000 registered skyscrapers in Bangkok and it ranks 17th as the world’s tallest city. This figure does not include hundreds of new buildings and skyscrapers predicted to be erected during construction boom in 2007 and the coming years. Travelling around the city enables one to visualise the changes that has occurred in recent years, certainly there is no bigger contrast than a squatter and skyscrapers in Bangkok located just a few blocks apart.

Thailand is not considered a developed country, yet Bangkok does not really reflect the socio-economic position of Thailand in general. Thailand enjoyed the world’s highest growth rates from 1985 to 1996 and experienced dramatic economic transformation. Bangkok is among the city which is heavily affected by the growth. The number of skyscrapers in Bangkok itself is a testimony to how much Bangkok has outgrown other parts of the country. Among the most famous skyscrapers in Bangkok are the Baiyoke Tower 2, State Tower and Empire Tower

The Baiyoke Tower II, is the country’s tallest building, followed by State Tower, Empire Tower, Jewelry Trade Center and China Resources Tower.

Some of the skyscrapers in Bangkok are definitely worth visiting in person. Take for instance, the Baiyoke Tower 2, it houses the Baiyoke Sky Hotel, the tallest hotel in Southeast Asia and third-tallest all-hotel structure in the world. There is an observatory on the 77th floor and a 360-degree revolving roof dect on the 87th floor and visitors will be able to see the skyline of Bangkok from on top of the world.

The skyscrapers in Bangkok are generally located in the inner city and in important business districts which include Silom, Bangrak, Pinklao, Sathon, Phra Ram 2, Petchaburi, Phra Nakhon, Pathumwan, Chatuchak and Phra Ram 3 (New Financial Centre). It is predicted that a few more skyscrapers will be built in the near future following the year 2007 construction boom in Bangkok.


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