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Slickynotes Self Adhesive Dry Erase and Sticky Notes:


The Slickynote Board Clear on a White Wall

There seems to be a lot of innovation with whiteboards and such lately, and these Slickynote self adhesive dry erase boards and notes from EcoStatic Inc. are really pretty awesome.  As you can tell from he name of the company these self adhesive dry erase boards are electrostatically charged which allows them to stick to any smooth flat surface.  They can be hung and removed many times and the charge will hold for 4 to 6 months depending on the surface being used.  The picture above shows the clear version that measures 30 by 25 inches and is also available in white which you will see if you keep on reading below.


Slickynote Board Self Adhesive White Board

Here is the white version of the Slickynote self adhesive dry erase boards.  This time it is placed on a window where it held nicely, and it just took a few seconds of running my hand over it to smooth out any wrinkles or bubbles.  Both the white and clear versions of these self adhesive dry erase boards come in rolls of 10 and the white also comes in a roll of 25.


Slickynote Self Adhesive Pads

The Slickynote self adhesive pads that you saw in the photos above come in multiple sizes.  The green one above is the large which measures 7.87 by 3.94 inches and the purple is the medium which measures 3.94 by 2.91 inches.  These come in other colors such as white, orange, and yellow.  There is also a small pad which is 1.97 by 1.46 inches and also a regular 8.5 by 11 inch paper size which is currently only available in white.


The Slickynote Board Flip Side

The cool thing about these is that on the colored sides you can write with a pen and it is permanent or you can flip it over to the back and write on the flip side where it is dry erase material.  Either side sticks just the same, and one other awesome thing is that instead of having to remove and reposition these, they actually slide around.  Overall these are an awesome product if you do a lot of presenting or lead a lot of meetings.  The Slickynote self adhesive dry erase boards and notes are really quite cool and also very functional.  Be sure to visit the EcoStatic Inc. site to grab a set for yourself.  Thanks to the folks from EcoStatic Inc. for sending these over for this review!

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