Small Bedroom Decorating Ideas

A bedroom is your oasis of peace at the end of a long day. It is little wonder then that you would like to do it up in the best possible way. Bedrooms, irrespective of size can be made comfortable. When it comes to small bedrooms, a little bit of forethought in decorating ideas is necessary to make the best of the space that you have.

Everybody would like to have more space, or at least the illusion of one. If you want your small bedroom to seem bigger, then here are some decorating ideas to begin with. Bright shades of paint reflect any source of light in all directions, making the room seem bigger. Use only one or two hues of the paint. And have your ceiling done in white to bring about a feeling of height. Use the same shade of paint for your moulds as well as for your doors. If you are using wallpaper, opt for a design which is predominantly horizontal. This will give your room the illusion of being wider.

For your windows, opt for light or sheer curtains to allow as much of natural light in as possible. Of course, choose wisely so as to protect your privacy as well. Tie back your curtains during the day time to give the impression of clear space. If you are able to place a reflective surface, like a mirror, opposite a natural light source in the room, then you would be increasing the amount of natural light in the room and also increasing the perception of space in your bedroom. This is a simple trick in small bedroom decorating ideas.

Conservation of floor space is the key to best utilizing a small bedroom. Once again, in terms of perception, try and use the corners of your room for furniture such as book stands, shelves, a table and the like. You will be effectively using space this way. Next, make sure that all furniture that comes with frames is slim. The slimmer your frames, the lesser space they seem to occupy. If you are comfortable with the idea, opt for a bed that is lower than the standard ones available. These are called platform beds and give out the impression of occupying lesser space.

Should you prefer the regular sized bed, then opt for a full or queen-sized bed. Avoid the king-sized ones. Do away with the bedside table. Instead, install a wall mounted shelf, next to you or above the bed. Make sure to give yourself enough of head room. This is where you can keep your photos, clock, books and even a drink of water for the night. Choose beds that come with storage underneath. This will reduce your need to have a closet exclusively for linen and pillows. Use linen that is bold and bright, but in harmony with your walls to brighten up your room.

If the late night news is what lulls you to sleep, then think of having your TV wall-mounted. This will save you precious space in terms of a TV case. Where lighting is concerned, soft is the way to go. Install lights with dimmers at two central points in the room. Have a bed lamp for those late night reads.

Your bedroom is your own personal space. If this is small, there is nothing stopping you from making the best of it. A cozy place to retire to at the end of an exhausting day is what you should aim for.


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