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Small fresh winter sweater with sweet warm colors

  • By zhao coco
  • Published 01/8/2013

Koreanjapanclothing.com is a large size online platform that is known one of the famous korean clothing

distributors in China. Our wholesale clothing online shop offers latest fashion high quality and low price wholesale apparel of women’s and men’s, and children apparel.

Sweater is a necessary item for girls in winter, it can be as spring and fall underwear. Sweater can make us comfortable and sweet, now our online shop brought all kinds of sweaters, you can look the different sweaters can bring different style.

The hit color retro sweater has loose bat style, the good modified lines of the shoulder and arm, hiding small fat oh. Coarse knitting twist flowers throughout the three-dimensional sense of strong, threaded long cuff design from the collar. The great thickness of a manual twist weaving sweater, very fashionable, fat MM can wear, it was thin style.

Fit the short version of the silhouette, classic round neck, stereo patterns, fashion trends, with a coarse texture cannabis effect, perhaps better show a retro charm. This sweater in the quality of workmanship, the fabric is thick, the autumn you enjoy a better warm effect.

Retro classic hedging round neck style is just exposed the extent of the clavicle. The linen pattern the most popular this year, look the Hermes catwalk sweater also launched a similar pattern to know. With since long the shirt exposed lapel and hem, make you look more slender.

The hit color is super hot style this year, this sweater thin. Loose bat style, good modified lines of the shoulder and arm, hide small fat Oh. Coarse knitting twist flowers throughout the three-dimensional sense of strong, threaded long cuff design from the collar.

Pullover long section, shopkeepers love, retention models recommended! Very fine lady doll collar, the woven retro weave classic casual college wind, Casual wear clothing fashion and personality. Comfortable, breathable fabrics, skin-friendly feel. Loose edition type, good elasticity, can hide embarrassment fleshy, not picky stature.

College of elements present forces did not decline, classic striped pattern, lotus leaf collar temperament extraordinary casual natural, with a very high degree, piercing Great effect can mix and match.

Exquisite embroidery of stars, fluffy texture most easily captured the hearts of girls. In general, the fashion double pocket sweater is smooth and non-irritating to the skin, when you wear it, you can feel very comfortable.

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