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Smart choices of digital photo frame

  • By Howarde Johnson
  • Published 06/14/2011
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Digital Photo Frame creates a new concept of photo frame by showing pictures with LCD Screen (‘Liquid Crystal Display Screen’). It gets photos from a SD card (‘Secure Digital Card’) through an interface of card reader. With Digital Photo Frame, photos can be displayed in a circle, and users find that it is coordinated with digital camera conveniently. What should be noticed when we are choosing a digital photo frame? Let’s continue.   1. Large Screen + Clear Pictures Digital Photo Frame is aimed to show photos, obviously, the display definition should be the first considerate point with no doubt. Comparing with those Digital Photo Frames which are with small screens, the ones with large screens become darlings in this market. So far, the biggest screen of Digital Photo Frame is 10-inch, and the popular sizes are between 6.5-inch ~ 8.4-inch. Apparently, ‘You get what you pay for’. To some famous brands, the price differences between large screen and small screen are a few US dollars, such as Philip 7FF1M4 (about USD$83.84) and Philip 9FF2M4 (about USD$134.75).   Besides, the display effect of Digital Photo Frame is also influenced by its ‘resolution ratio’ and ‘contrast’. First of all, resolution is the basic measure point, the higher resolution the Digital Photo Frame has, the more clear display effect it shows. At the same time, the bigger contrast ratio it has, the brighter pictures will be displayed. For example, a Digital Photo Frame with TFT LCD Screen, high resolution of 800 x 480 and the brightness is 200cd/㎡ can get amazing color display. 2. Multi-function Digital Photo Frame as a fashionable and smart thing in this market, ‘All in one’ is the most attractive point to the consumer. Take Shinco DT-80 (about USD$74.86) as an example, it can not only display photos but also plays music. In fact, most of Digital Photo Frames can be connected with the equipments as DSC (District Satellite Communications), MP3 (MPEG Audio Player 3), PMP (Portable Media Player), PC (Personal Computer). What’s more, these photo frames have other functions as dynamic control and handling with mega bass. Referring to the multimedia formats, they work well with MP3, MOV (Quick Time Movie), MPEG1 (Moving Picture Experts Group Ⅰ), MPEG2, MPEG4 and so on. Try to imagine this, in a beautiful and casual afternoon, lying on the sofa, enjoying the ever-changing pictures in the Digital Photo Frame, while listening to the classical music, how wonder it is!     3. Easy To Use + Cost Effectively Technology innovation brings benefit to people’s daily life, makes it more convenient and faster. Based on it, humanistic design becomes another standard for measuring a good Digital Photo Frame. Nowadays, mini-remote control is included as well. Take Aigo F5003 (about USD$80.85) for an example, users can change photos easily by pressing the mini-remote control. Besides, some Digital Photo Frames have their own internal memory which is between 256M to 512M usually. With this function, a few pictures can be stored in photo frame, and can be displayed without connecting with SD card. Of course, if some users need larger internal space for storing, there are customized Digital Photo Frames.   Furthermore, even the Digital Photo Frame with larger screen, high-definition, lots of functions and user friendly; however, if the price is a tall order, consumer will not consider the product. Therefore, reasonable price is another important indicator.   Digital Photo Frame is powerful and fashionable, easy to use at anytime anywhere. Different brands of Digital Photo Frame have different focus. After reading the basic points as above, hope that you have your own standards of choosing a Digital Photo Frame.



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