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Snable Cable Manager and Phone or Tablet Kickstand


Snable Phone Stand and Cable Manager

Just a quick update today.  Below is our original post on the Snable Cable management tool, but recently we received final production versions now that they have been fully funded on Kickstarter.  They work just as promised but just look a bit more polished and clean than the original sample we received.  You can now grab your very own Snable in black or white.  It’s cool to see a product go from concept to production on Kickstarter so I just wanted to share this update today.

Original Snable Review.

Today we have another item from Kickstarter, but unlike the post on Wednesday I was actually able to get my hands on a sample.  The Snable Cable Manager is a pretty cool and multi-purpose office supply that is incredibly handy.


The Snable Cable Manager

This little accessory looks kind of like a UFO, but its not.  It has multiple channels, locks, guides, and wraps that help address all of your cable management needs.  That green thing you see on the top is a reusable sticky pad that lets you stick the Snable on any smooth surface that is flat and clean.

Keep in mind this is a pre-production sample so I believe the final version will not have a green sticky pad, I think it will be black or white.  The sticky pad is also easily cleaned with water and it retains its sticky properties.

Here is a video that does a heck of a better job than I can at displaying all of the different ways you can use the Snable.

As you can see in the following picture, the Snable not only acts as a spool to wrap your cable around, but the top of it has a notch that allows you to lock the cable in so it helps to shorten or redirect your cables.


Snable Cable Wrapped

Beyond being a cable management tool you can also just use the Snable as a kickstand for your phone or your tablet like so:


Snable as a Kickstand

This is quite a versatile little tool and right now the Snable on Kickstarter needs some help.  It currently has 466 backers and $7,404 of funding towards the goal.  If you have any cable management needs this little wonder-tool can make your life and your desk much more organized.

I like to remind people when I’ve received a free sample of something for review (like this item) and I’ve always mentioned in the privacy policy and disclosure that many of the links on this site result in affiliate payments when readers click on them that help keep the site funded, but in the case of Kickstarter projects, there is no affiliate commission that we earn from linking to them.

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