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Snoopy Moleskine Limited Edition Review


Limited Edition Snoopy Moleskine

These Limited Edition Snoopy Moleskine Notebooks aren’t exactly new, but I’ve had them sitting in a box of notebooks for a while now and completely forgot about them until today.  Keep in mind that the Snoopy Moleskine was a limited edition line, so they might be hard to come by now.


The Snoopy Moleskine Cover

The classic black Moleskine cover for these notebooks is adorned with the white outline of Snoopy, which also spills over onto the spine and about half an inch of it even goes onto the back cover.    There is also text embossed on the upper left corner that says Peanuts 60th Anniversary which I just wasn’t able to photograph well.


Inside the Peanuts Moleskine with Stickers Too

The inside of the Peanuts Moleskine notebook is decorated with Charlie Brown and Snoopy, as well as the standard your name here space.  The stickers are actually stored in the back of the notebook, where there is an accordion-like pocket attached to the inside, just like other standard Moleskine notebooks.


The Back Inside Cover of the Peanuts Moleskine Notebook

The back inside cover of the Peanuts Moleskine has a pretty cool Peanuts Family Tree that shows the relationships between all of the major Peanuts characters.  This was something that I never even thought about, but its pretty awesome to see it laid out like that. Overall I’ve made it clear that I am not a huge fan of Moleskine notebooks as a whole for any of my writing needs.  I will say that these limited editions they have been putting out are pretty cool, and I am definitely looking forward to the upcoming Star Wars Moleskines that are going to be out later this summer.

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