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Sociopolitical awareness and internet

The socio-political condition of most of the third world countries is in dire condition. They are facing multi faceted problems that are eventually linked with the rest of the world. The internet has made it easy for the rest of the world to remain connected with these sort of issues. Now social networking media and websites have made it much more easy and simple to connect with the rest of the world and to raise awareness regarding diverse issues of the global society.

Internet marketing and email broadcasting have made it much more simpler to question the reasons behind these issues and critically think over these problems. Broadcast emails on the other hand have also made it a bit more personal to make people aware of the issues around them.

Many Nongovernmental organizations have been using the help of internet marketing to raise awareness over multiple issues. They use the help of social networking websites and broadcast emails to make sure that critical issues do not get snubbed under the pressures of the capitalist governments. Email broadcasting also gets used to discreetly convey information to make sure that everyone has easy access to critical information regarding the socio-political condition of the global society.

With the twenty first century and advancement of the human race, we have also come to crucial point in our history where violence and terror has taken over and there definitely cannot be seen a solution to these problems. Governments and businessmen make decisions regarding the world politics and through which millions life get affected.

Examples of social awareness of critical issues range from the problems of civilians in the Afghanistan and yet the problems of NATO armies in the same region. Both of them stand against each other but it is crucial to listen to both the perspectives to come to a mutual understanding.

It can also throw light over the issue of the middle east on what exactly is happening in the Israeli land strip. Internet and its non censorship advantages can actually un earth the raw truths of our world that get censored by other mediums of communication. It can actually bring forth the true face of the truth instead of it multi layered masked reality.

Internet has definitely made a breakthrough in bringing forth critical issues of different societies. It has actually helped in showing the world the  naked  and ugly truth that we live with and around.

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