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Some Article Marketing Tips 4U

  • By David O Connell
  • Published 06/8/2008
  • Article Writing

Article marketing has turned out to be the most promising tool in today’s online home based business. Marketing with quality article is crucial for online business success and helps to drive massive amount of traffic to a web site. A beneficial marketing strategy is to provide quality articles in a web site and submitting them to article directories. Having quality articles is one of the most significant powerful tools to attract large number of readers to a site. With the help of articles, a web site owner can drive much traffic to the web site, get high ranking in major search engines and thus, boost the site earnings. Article marketing is not merely writing articles and posting them on blogs or web sites. An article has to be effective, easy to read and understand, have attention-grabbing headline, interesting content and regular prospective readers. However, if a site owner posts articles just for the sake of posting content and the articles do not have any interesting points, the site is of no use. Tips for Article Marketing: Below discussed are effective article marketing tips that a web site needs to consider for long-term benefits and drive massive amount of traffic generation: Use Effective Keywords: While writing article, it is essential to use targeted keywords. Usually, readers look for something more specific and type those keywords in search engines, which are simple and sound familiar. Hence, articles need to have simple and familiar wordings or phrases to target customers. Write articles related to the web site. For instance, if a site is all about dogs and dog training, then include articles about pets, dogs and methods of training. However, do bit of research for beneficial keywords, before writing articles. Check Keyword Density: Keyword density is crucial for the search engines to accept the articles. After finalizing the keywords for an article, it is necessary to use them effectively. It is highly beneficial to have a keyword density between 10% and 15%. For instance, if the article is of 500 words, then keywords need to appear at least 10 to 15 times. Excessive amount of keywords look like spamming and fail to attract more number of readers. On the other hand, search engines ignore articles having little amount of keywords. Hence, use keywords efficiently, so that not only search engines recognize the articles but also, readers find them informative. Good quality Content: In article marketing, content plays a crucial role in driving massive traffic generation. Write good quality content articles and make them more interesting, so that readers after reading once, come back to that site time after time. Informative articles also help to gain the trust of readers and increase traffic, resulting in an increase in the sales and earnings. While submitting an article to the article directories, remember to include a web site link at its end. If the article is very informative and accurate, readers will certainly click on the web link and buy the promoted product.

To sum up, article marketing is one of the most beneficial ways to attract the traffic flow, gain the confidence of customers and earn good amount of money.



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