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Some Deals and Sales for those of us Snowed In

So CNN keeps telling me that there are going to be up to 80 million people snowed in this morning so I figured that some of you might be bored and want some office supply goodness to check out while you have nothing else to do.  I dug around for some good deals and sales, mostly from Amazon, so have a look, but more importantly, be safe, and keep an eye on people that might be in need today and tomorrow or until things are in better shape.


The classic red Swingline stapler that got its popularity from the movie Office Space is always a popular item, but how about the same item in chrome, for only $10 from Amazon (click here for it) when the normal price is usually closer to around $14-$15.


Next up is the Pentel Graph Gear which is a really nice and very well constructed mechanical pencil.  At about $10 (via Amazon) its a pretty nice deal as compared to the usual price of about $12 – $14 or so.


The Uniball Signo 207 is a can’t miss, especially in this .38mm version.  Check out Amazon where you can pick up the 4 pack for $4 as compared to a price that will usually set you back about $1.35 or more per pen.


So if you follow this blog at all, you probably know that I’m not a fan of this pen at all because I think its a poor performer that feathers and has awful results when it comes to being consistent, but my sample size of one pales in comparison to the literally 100s of thousands of people that actually like these pens, so I just wanted to point out that for about $12 (via Amazon) you can get yourself a dozen of these instead of the usual $14-$16 or so for these poor performing pens…enjoy but keep in mind that there are definitely better options out there like my favorite pen ever, the Uniball Jetstream, also via Amazon.


On the more technical side of things, the SanDisk USB 3.0 64GB micro thumb drive is a nice deal on whats potentially the smallest form factor USB 3.0 drive that you are going to find.  Check it out via Amazon for about  $19 as compared to the usual price of about $22 – $24.


We have never reviewed a paper trimmer here, but to be honest, at about half price it seems like this 15″ Swingline paper trimmer is an excellent deal for about $32 (via Amazon) as compared to the usual price thats closer to $40.


I’ve never tried this new version of the Contigo Autoseal spill proof travel mug, but I’ve been using the old version for at least 5 years and they are awesome.  Never leaked on me and always manage to maintain the temperature for an amazing length of time.  This upgrade brings a nicer design from a visual perspective, but also a better design in terms of the user friendliness sicne it now as a nice big and textured rubber grip.  Grab one now for just under $20 (via Amazon) as compared to the usual price of about $25, mine is on its way as of earlier this afternoon.  Its really a great price on a great item.


So, the S-Biner Ahhh from NiteIze is a great and small load Carabiner clip that also serves as a bottle opener for your….um…root beer?  Its a great EDC item and at only $2.64 (via Amazon) as compared to the normal price thats usually closer to about $6 you cant go wrong with these even if you just use them as a key chain.


One item that isn’t technically an “office supply”, but I guess because I haven’t shopped for a TV in close to 5 years, this was a HUGE shock to me and makes me want to convert my old 46″ TV to a computer monitor just so I have an excuse to buy this awesome 4K 50″ TV for only about $600 (via Amazon), I mean I remember spending almost $1500 for a vastly inferior TV, so this seems like an amazing deal to me, especially if you can use your old TV to upgrade your old monitor.


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As always, don’t forget that if you are in the market for any Saddleback Leather items, the Saddleback Leather Website has a section called “Dave’s Deals” that has some pretty awesome deals that change quite frequently.

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