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Some Early Holiday Deals and Sales

Some of these you have seen before, but they are worth a second look if you haven’t yet pulled the trigger on any of them.  This handful of items that I’m sharing today are all items that I’ve logged quite a bit of time with and would buy again if need be.

It may seem funny, but one of my favorite items of the bunch is the 32lb HP Laser Jet paper.  This isn’t just any ordinary paper, its fantastic for ink jet printers, but its also GREAT for writing on with fountain pens, so it makes a great base for blank Levenger Circa pages or templates too. (Buy via Amazon for $10.99, regularly $13-$20)


Saddleback Leather usually has a great “Dave’s Deals” sections with a decent selection of their product line discounted between 10%-25% off the regular prices.  (Shop Dave’s Deals on Saddleback Leather)

These Redi tab divider sticky notes are super helpful for keeping your notes organized without relying on predetermined section breaks.  (Buy via Amazon $4, regularly $6-$10)


Not sure if this is the new regular price or just a sale that wont end, but the Uniball Kuru Toga at under $4 is a great deal.  This is the only line of mechanical pencil I will use. (Buy via Amazon $4, regularly $5 to $7)

I own the smaller less powerful version of this Anker 60W 6 Port usb charging hub and even that less powerful one is something that I consider to be an essential for any desk setup.  It helps keep all of your devices fully charged and ready to go at all times.  (Buy via Amazon $36 after being marked down from $79 and $99)

Also check out the Amazon Anker Storefront as it seems they have lots of their products going on sale and they have a great range of essential accessories like chargers, stands, cables, speakers, and hubs.


Every time I mention this Logitech Performance MX mouse it gets cheaper, but its an amazing mouse that I used for a very long time and couldn’t have been happier with.  The only reason I don’t use it anymore is because I decided to switch back to using a track ball, but at this price you probably cant find a better mouse. (Buy via Amazon $41, regularly $60-$70)

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