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Some good methods to maintain eyeglasses correctly

  • By Kimberly Jenkins
  • Published 04/15/2011
  • Non-Fiction

Nowadays, glasses are becoming more and more indispensible for those who are short-sighted, and have provided much convenience for them. While enjoying the ease by eyeglasses, nearsighted people are prone to forget to take good care of them. The maintenance of glasses is also very important. Then how to maintain eyeglasses correctly? Here are some good methods. Firstly, you must be diligent and clean it regularly. The principles of cleaning a pair of spectacles are to keep it bright and clean, keep it away from grime and avoid scratching the glasses. You can employ neutral soap or specialized cleaner to clear it. After cleaning it with water, dry it with soft face paper. Many people have the habit of using their clothes or a handkerchief to dry the spectacles. This is incorrect, because rough material may scratch the lenses easily. To clean the spectacle frame, you can use an old soft toothbrush to brush it slightly, getting rid of the dirt.

Secondly, the way you place your eyeglasses also matters. You sh

ould develop a stable habit of wrapping it up with a piece of flannelette, and close the left frame then the right one. In order to protect it from great stress, put it in a hard box. Thirdly, do not wear it when you are doing strenuous exercise. The hard resin lens may break when faced with a strong impact, damaging your eyes and face. Fourthly, consult the experts. When you have been fitted for a pair of glasses, the professional technician should adjust it to the most comfortable position according to some principle. Otherwise, the frame will distort after it has been wearing for some time or has been pressed. Perhaps you can’t tell it, but it may make you feel uncomfortable or dizzy. At this moment, you should readjust it. Although eyeglasses are a small article, the maintenance is of great importance. Unfortunately, a lot of people do not know much about it. Sometimes it will damage the glasses and affect the view, and sometimes it will worsen eyesight. So, you must be cautious. I hope this passage will give you a general idea of maintaining your spectacles.



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