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Some Huge Amazon Deals

I was going to post a review today, but with the number of highly discounted items I came across on Amazon I felt bad not sharing all of them.  Lots of bulk deals, but I broke it down into categories including highlighters, markers, pens, and other and in that order, so check them all out below if you need to stock up on some great items.



This 8 Pack of Sharpie Clear View Highlighters is usually around $17 but can now be had for only$9.42 which is about a 45% savings. (buy via Amazon)


This box of 12 Sharpie Clear View highlighters in green is normally about $23, but you can pick up this box today for only $14, for a savings of about 40%.  (buy via Amazon)


If the green Sharpie Clear View highlighters arent your thing, how about a box of 12 in yellow instead?  They usually run just over $20 per box, but this deal brings them down to only $11 for a savings of about 45%. (buy via Amazon)


Next is a pack of 12 Sharpie Accent Highlighters in green that is usually just over $10, but today you can save about 24% and get the box of 12 for only $7.64  (buy via Amazon)


At about 38% off, this box of 12 yellow Sharpie Accent Gel Highlighters is only $10.65 compared to the normal $17 or so it would set you back.  (buy here via Amazon)



I’ve used the metallic Sharpies a few times before and I like them a lot, I just don’t have a ton of use for them, but if you do, this box of 12 bronze Sharpies is a great deal at only $11.  They are normally about $18, so this is a savings of about 40% which is a great deal. (buy via Amazon)


Writing with and using brush pens is a fun experience if you have not yet tried it.  This pack of 8 Sharpie Brush Pens is usually about $12 but can be had on Amazon today for only $9 which puts it at a discount of about 25%.  (buy here via Amazon)


Don’t lie, I know you sniffed markers as a kid, and maybe as an adult.  These Mr. Sketch are not only scented, but also washable, and considering you are getting 120 markers, this is great for a teacher to stock up on.  This est would usually set you back about $72, but can be had today for only $55 which is about a 24% discount.  (buy here via Amazon)


If 120 Scented Markers is too much for your needs, maybe this pack of 6 is a more reasonable alternative.  For a normal price of about $6.50, this sale on them for only $4.31 gives you a savings of about 33%.  (buy here via Amazon)


I know I don’t have a use for a 12 pack of Neon Green Sharpies, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t.  This is usually about a $14 investment, but can be had today for only about $9 or a savings of about 36%.  (buy via Amazon)



The Uniball Jetstream is one of my favorite pens, and although I don’t usually use a bold point like these, its still a great deal.  This pack of 12 is usually about $30, but can be had today for about $17 which is about a 43% discount. (buy via Amazon)


The Fisher Bullet Space Pen is still on sale for only about $13, which is about a 28% discount from its usual price of about $18.  (buy via Amazon)


The Uniball Vision Micro box of 12 pens in black would usually set you back about $17, but can be had today for about $11.50 or a discount of about 33%. (buy via Amazon)

Other Office Supplies:


The Epson XP-830 Wireless Color Photo Printer, Scanner, Copier, and Fax usually hovers around $130 but is on sale now for only $100 for a 23% savings.  (Buy via Amazon)


This Scotch Thermal Laminator is usually $30, but is currently on sale for $17, for a 43% savings. (Buy here via Amazon)

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