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Some More Moleskine Updates and a Thank You


Today we have some quick Moleskine Updates.  The other day I realized that I somehow missed The Hobbit Limited Edition Moleskine Journals that were released at the end of  last year, so I just wanted to address that quickly.  I probably won’t be doing a review of these just because I really don’t know anything about the movies, so I probably wouldn’t be able to convey much enthusiasm or knowledge about how it relates to the movie…but there ya go, its available if you are interested. icon_smile-7134005  Thats probably my least enthusiastic pitch for a product, ever.


The Moleskine Evernote Smart Notebook

I wanted to thank all of you that sent your enthusiastic pitches on why you should have been chosen to write our guest review of the Android experience with the Moleskine Evernote Smart Notebooks.  There were actually so many fantastic pitches that I considered selecting multiple winners, but I finally decided on one winner, Ben Patton.  We heard back from Ben and will be getting this in the mail to him today, and look forward to his review.  With all of the enthusiasm around the entries for this guest review I’ll be looking for more products to provide these opportunities to all of our great readers.

Happy Friday everyone.

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