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Some Personal strategies of Guest Posting

Guest blogging or article writing for others blogs is among the most significant methods in developing relationship with other blog writers. In addition to this, it is also an excellent method to obtain free website traffic and content for your blog.

Why guest blogging is very popular?

Let us get into some details. The majority of independently hold blogs, are updated a couple of times every week (or perhaps less often). You will find only handful of blogs, that are updated on day to day basis.


It isn’t simply because blog writers do not like to publish or have no idea, the things they should post about – generally it is simply because they do not have enough time for writing a blog. Alternative for this issue is rather easy – guest blogging. I believe, it has only benefits.

Blogger, who’s composing guest post, carries a new audience. Visitors of the blog, in which the guest post is put, can see newer and more effective content and fully familiarize yet another point of view. And blog owner also has profits from guest blogging – he / she get totally free (and generally excellent) articles for the blog. In addition to, it saves his / her TIME – and it is extremely important!

So, how you can get ready for for this win-win activity – go through our guidelines :

Discover appropriate blogs for the guest posts

First of all, you need to find 10-15 blogs, that are within your specific niche market. You should check out, if the blog owners are available for guest blogging (there’s a small quantity of blog owners, which does not acknowledge for guest post on their own blogs), and which kind of articles or blog posts they’re looking forward to. In case you cannot find, if it is possible to put your guest post on the blog, make sure you delicately ask about it – you may send out an e-mail to the Blog owner. After selecting the appropriate blog then start your article writing process.

What is interesting on the blog?

In case you have found at least 5 suitable blogs for the guest post, you have to determine, on which you need to publish this time. After making a selection, commit a minimum of ten minutes, checking out who’s reading the blog and which articles or blog posts has got the most quantity of comments. Lots of comments below the post indicates, that it is cool on the blog. In addition to, on some blogs articles with plenty of comments are promoted within the sidebar. So, make an effort to compose your post in “cool” type, but don’t forget about a very important factor – blog writers do not accept articles or blog posts, that have been previously published. They don’t like replicated stuff. So your article writing should be unique and helpful for the readers.

High quality is really a king!

This really is most significant part of just about all areas of running a blog, and particularly in guest blogging. In case your guest post is going to be poor, how would you believe, will it be publicized by a blog owner? I guarantee you, it will not be. Furthermore, it is preferable to do not have guest post, than getting guest post with low quality. No one will read it, as well as your popularity as an author may take a hit. So, your excellent guest post needs to be actually excellent!


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