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Some popular replica rolex masterpiece watches

  • By Sharon Baptiste
  • Published 06/14/2011
  • Writing

If you know the name Rolex, you may know the name Masterpiece. This is one of the most attractive collections of Rolex watches. All the timepieces of Masterpieces are luxurious and multifunctional. Decorated with diamonds which look like dazzling stars, the Masterpieces touch people’s hearts in different watch shows. Many people attend some watch shows in order to see these magnificent timepieces.   These sophisticated looking watches have good workmanship. Each of them is expensive. Most people cannot afford such a high-end and multifunctional timepiece. They buy a replica one instead. There are some replica Masterpiece watches that are sold well online. These are popular and glamorous pieces that most people can afford.   Rolex Masterpiece Diamond Bezel – SKU1501 This is a dress watch for men to wear. The face is colorful with the white and green colors. It is quite a small one with the size of 36 mm. The date is displayed at the position of 3 o’clock on the dial. There are cubic zircon stones that are attatched to the bezel as decoration. Even though they are not diamonds, they still look like dazzling stars. This one is sold at about 200 USD in some online stores. Rolex Masterpiece Diamonds Bezel – SKU1496  A timepiec with a golden face, golden bezel and golden bracelet. With Japanese movement. This one is glamorous. And the cubic zircon stones at the time markers leave deep impressions to people who have see them.   Rolex Masterpiece Diamonds Embedded Face and Bezel – SKU734 The white face of this timepiece is very speicial. The case comes in steel color. So does the bracelet. The face is 36 mm in diameter. And there are everal circles of cubic zircon stones on the face of it. This is another high quality replica timepiece online. It is sold at about 250 USD over the Internet. You can find it from many online stores.  Rolex Masterpiece Diamond Bezel – SKU1498 This one is a good accessory for many people. It is impressive because of the clear and neat look. This one is more glamorous that others as there are cubic zircon stones even on the bracelet. With an expensive price of about 200 USD, it is bought by many people who love Masterpieces. Even though these are not as multifunctional as the authentic, they impressed people with appealing appearances. 



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