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Some Quick Deals and Sales On Bic and Sharpie


I just found two pretty good prices on some great products so I thought I’d share for those of you not distracted by football, commercials, and eating lots of unhealthy food…which is exactly what I’ll be doing shortly, so I’m not judging. 🙂  Keep in mind these are pretty much add on items for Amazon if you want to also get the free shipping.  The Bic MarkIt 12 Pack is currently only $3.99 (via Amazon) but they will usually run you closer to $6 for this pack.  These are great markers and in my unscientific test a while back they actually outperformed Sharpies in a few tests that I did.  At $0.33 per marker you really cant go wrong though.


Speaking of Sharpie, the ever popular Stainless Steel Sharpie Pen (via Amazon) is only $3.89 compared to the usual price of about $5.00.  Keep in mind this is the Sharpie PEN not MARKER so its intended for every day writing and does a great job of it while also looking pretty snazzy to boot.

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