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Some tips for planning kids’ activities

  • By Eduard Holdsworth
  • Published 01/31/2013

For the price of a calendar and some markers, you can help plan out fun every day kids’ activities and also learn to be more organised and to plan ahead.

All you need to do is buy a calendar that shows a full month on a single page and has large spaces on each date in which to write notes. Then talk with the child about things that should go on the calendar, such as dance lessons, sports practices, school activities, church events, friends’ or relatives’ birthdays and similar events.

Have the child (or parent, if the child is too young to write), put the event, time and place in the appropriate date spot. If the child has lots of regular activities, he or she might want to color-code the calendar by using, say, red for sports, blue for dance, green for music and purple for church events.

Then the child or parent can tell at a glance what’s on tap for each day and what equipment should be set aside the night before. The child can use stickers to highlight special events or use drawings to take up space on spots where no activities are planned.

Better yet, brainstorm each week with your child about how to fill a day that seems empty of activities. You could plan a special meal together, a visit to an elderly relative, a trip to the library, a craft project or even a new sport to try.

The goal is to make everyone’s life easier by having things written down so activities aren’t forgotten or are forgotten until the last minute.

The child learns the importance of planning his or her day, so that fun extras, such as movies or outings with friends can mesh with other activities.

And, in the same token, it helps parents encourage kids to be active and try a range of things to see what they enjoy.

If a child never has any physically active choices on the calendar, it may be time to talk together about the importance of exercise — or simply play — to staying healthy and happy. Experts suggest that kids have an hour of active play or other activities each day.

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