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Some Unique File Folders to Improve Your Productivity


Round Up of Unique File Folders

Writing reviews on office supplies is fun, but sometimes can be difficult because certain products are hard to do much of a detailed write up on, although they are still worth mentioning or sharing here.  In the past few days I’ve come across a variety of unique file folders that I thought were all helpful and unique in their own way and since we don’t tend to hit the file folder category too often I figured now was a good time to do this quick roundup.  Maybe some other products like staples, paper clips, rubber bands, and those types of accessories would make for some good round up type posts in the future if I can come across some unique versions of each of those that offer more than their standard generic counterparts.  For now though lets take a look at some of these more unique file folders that I think have a lot to offer.

3-subject-file-folders-300x300-7869973Here is a unique file folder I didn’t know existed, its like a three subject notebook but a file folder instead.  This can definitely add some flexibility to your filing and organizing style.  I can already picture multiple uses for these for both personal items like taxes and bills as well as actual work related tasks that I manage on a regular basis.  I’m probably going to grab some of these myself, it doesnt hurt that a pack of 24 is only $10.60 right now compared to most other places that have them for about $16-$18.  (Buy via Amazon)

Maybe you have seen something like this before, but they are new to me, these standard size file folders are pretty neat, they have a whole ruled section on the front for taking notes, and apparently the tabbed cut out section is larger than normal too so you have extra space to write.  Anyway, I came across these because they showed up as having a $2.00 off coupon that you have to click on that will bring these down to $11.  (Buy via Amazon)


These “Days of the Week” file folders offer a quick, stylish, and easy way to help organize your life or tasks by the day of the week.  They come in a pack of 6 folders. One folder for each week day, and then a “weekends” folder as well.  I can picture these coming in handy for me as I tend to bring work home sometimes and other times I work from home, so these unique file folders would offer a great way to organize myself a little better and plan ahead for my week.  (Buy via Amazon)

Feel free to share any other unique file folders that you may have come across, not including anything that is just a stylish design, but something that actually brings some additional functionality or organizational benefits to the table as compared to the plain old manila folder that we are all used to.  Leave a comment with a link below if you have any that you would like to share that we didn’t cover here.

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