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Some Valentine's Day Inspired Office Supplies


Apologies for the lack of post this Wednesday, we’ve had several different technical issues that we were fixing and trying to deal with.  With those mostly out of the way now, I wanted to quickly share some Valentines Day related office supplies with you.

A pretty geeky decoration to spruce up your desk for Valentine’s Day is this 8-Bit Rose, good news is that regardless of how poorly you take care of it, won’t die on you:


What office doesn’t have envelopes?  Ok, that was an easy question, what office doesn’t have CHOCOLATE FLAVORED Envelopes to send your creepy inter-office Valentine’s out this year?


For that special lady in your life, these office supplies make for some fun and creative items that are not only practical, but will also give her desk a bit of character.

First is the 3M High Heel Tape Dispenser:


If you are going to have nice shoes, you also have to have some matching accessories, like a Post it dispenser purse:


If you want to get creative and make your own Valentine’s Day items, this Heart Shaped Hole Puncher is a great idea:


Duct tape is something that is indispensable for fixing things at the home or office, so why not try some Heart Pattern Duct Tape:


Nobody’s desk should ever be without Post-it Notes, so of course these Heart Shaped Post-it Notes are a perfect item for Valentine’s Day:heart-shaped-post-it-notes-2983095

You aren’t likely to find me walking around with a Notebook Embossed with a Heart, but that doesn’t mean this isn’t for you:


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