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Something to know about the legendary hermes birkin

  • By Robert Martine
  • Published 02/9/2011
  • Screenplay

It is not an easy job for me to completely and properly describe this legendary bag, as a new learner of the world of fashion. I have been fascinated by the glorious history of this fashion house and its coveted Birkin handbags and I think other women just feel the same as I do. I believe one thing that has contributed a lot to the huge success of this luxury bag is that the so-called Birkin bag’s Queen — Victoria Beckham has been famous for owning more than one hundred Birkin Handbags.Ladies tend to get shocked by this appealing and distinctive Birkin bag at the first glance. Hermes named it after British actress Jane Birkin in 1984, with prices starting at about $9,000, but now the price has run up to tens of thousands of dollars, which, has also made it a tool use by people to maintain value or as investment. Yet, still, we can not neglect the high cost of making the bag itself.

The materials can be quite luxury and rare. We can find Hermes Birkin bags made of extremely rare animal leather, which makes a major factor to decide price. It is said that the H

ermes’s leather and skins, from lizard to crocodile, goat, ostrich and calf, are chosen and tanned with the best processes to add the skins a buttery soft look and feel. So if this is true, without doubt such an extravagant handbag needs two years’ waiting.Another main attraction of the Birkin bag lies in the Exquisite craftsmanship. Maybe it is an aspect that is not so necessary to talk too much about, since Hermes has always been known for that and it do the same with each of other Hermes bags. Besides rare materials, the amazing craftsmanship also comes as the first factor when people consider whether to buy a bag or not. Every detail of this elegant bag is taken great care of and carefully tested in order to make sure the bag is durable enough for years of uses.

Now, the luxurious Birkin bag is also serving as the status symbol, carried by women around the world, to display their wealth and good tastes, including a long long list of celebrities and superstars. But compared with these people, most average buyers just simply can not afford such expensive bags, which also explain the rise of the top grade replica Hermes Birkins now in the market.



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