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Sonic Ratchetta One Pencil Sharpener Review


Sonic Ratchetta One Pencil Sharpener Package

I liked the description of this Sonic Ratchetta One Pencil Sharpener when I read it over on the JetPens website. The “Rachetta” portion of the name might be a giveaway for those of you that have ever picked up a wrench or are evenly slightly mechanically inclined.


Sonic Ratchetta One Pencil Sharpener Back View

It was kind of hard to photograph, but the blue that you see inside is the plastic casing that holds the sharpener blade, and there is a round end to it that fits into a hollow cylinder on the bottom of the sharpener.  The top of the sharpener blade is secured to the cap where it attaches to a ratcheting mechanism.  This ratcheting mechanism allows you to sharpen the pencil without twisting the entire sharpener in a continuous circular motion.  Instead, a simple half twist forward starts the sharpening process, and a half twist back to the original position brings the blade back to the original position.  This in turn sets you up for another half twist forward to engage the blades and sharpen again.  This speeds up the sharpening process a bit, it definitely took less time to sharpen the pencil than it took to write the description of how it works. 🙂


Sonic Ratchetta One Pencil Sharpener Before Sharpening

I took the above picture to try and give some perspective to how small the Sonic Ratchetta One Pencil Sharpener is, and to indicate that its small size probably makes it good for the hands of a small child.  It measures about 1 1/2 inches high and 2 inches wide.  The top of the sharpener is about 1 1/2 inched wide and it tapers down to about 3/4 an inch wide.


Sonic Ratchetta One Pencil Sharpener Point

The orange/yellow that you see on the inside center of the sharpener where the pencil tip goes in is actually a small hinged flap that probably helps to keep small fingers out, but that also helps keep some of the shavings from escaping through the top.


Sonic Ratchetta One Pencil Sharpener Shavings

Overall the Sonic Ratchetta One Pencil Sharpener is a great little sharpener and it comes in a variety of color accents against the clear and white body.  My one and only small complaint with it is the fact that the container that holds the shavings is somewhat small, meaning that the limited capacity for shavings will probably have you emptying it a little more frequently. This is an unavoidable scenario though if you are looking for a nice small and compact pencil sharpener.  Check out all of the other colors over at JetPens, and just a reminder that this was provided free of charge as part of our sponsorship with JetPens and our monthly giveaway.

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