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Soup is it the ultimate comfort food?

  • By Francesca Rilotelli
  • Published 10/29/2012

You know the feeling: You’ve had a big night and you’re slumped on the sofa unable – or rather unwilling – to make any real effort to put food in your belly. There’s a shop around the corner, but that in itself feels like it would be like walking to hell and back for a sandwich which is covered in plastic. You root through the cupboards hoping to find salvation in a food stuff which will give you a metaphorical hug and tell you everything’s going to be OK – and there she is – your old friend soup. The funny thing about it is that even a prepackaged carton of soup can be a winner, even though soup recipes are so easy to prepare.

Obviously they are a little bit more difficult to prepare because you have to source ingredients, but if you can muster the energy the results can be spectacular!

The king of the comfort soups is undoubtedly tomato and if you decide to make it from scratch you can add whatever you might fancy – or what your hangover would allow!  The recipe I have found online features garlic, chilli and cream, and served with some delicious crusty bread, will have you feeling like your old self in no time.

To prepare, heat olive oil in a large saucepan and cook an onion for 5-6 minutes over a gentle heat until almost softened but not browned. Add some garlic, celery, carrots, bay leaf and thyme and cook for a further 6-7 minutes, stirring occasionally, making sure the vegetables don’t stick to the base of the pan.

Add some chopped tomatoes and sugar and season well with salt and pepper. Cook for a few minutes, then stir in some passata and vegetable stock. Bring to a simmer, cover with a lid and cook for 35-40 minutes, until all the vegetables are tender.

Remove the bay leaf and thyme, then blend the soup in a liquidizer or food processor. This will probably have to be done in two batches. Pour the soup into a clean saucepan, passing it through a sieve if you want it really smooth. Stir in the cream, a splash of sherry and extra seasoning if required.

Pour into large mugs or bowls and serve with fresh crusty buttered bread.


About the Author: Francesca Rilotelli is writing about soup recipes


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