Spanish Style Wedding Dresses


Authored by Kate Beswick in Wedding
Published on 11-06-2009

There are tons of reasons to incorporate the hot Spanish flair into your wedding! Whether there is a strong Spanish background somewhere in the family, or you just love the look of sexy yet princess-like look of the Spanish wedding dress, there are tons of options when you want to kick up your heels for a little salsa on your wedding day! And when you want to stick quite firmly to old Spanish traditions, there are lots of ways to do that too!

Brides that want to remain steeped in Spanish tradition should wear a black wedding dress matched with a black veil. This is to symbolize that the bride promises to be with her groom until death. The actual style of this Spanish style wedding dress isn’t really as essential as the color, but traditional Spanish style wedding dresses are full and leave the bride covered basically from head to toe. What might be even more important than the bride’s dress with this tradition, is the groom’s attire. Traditionally, brides-to-be embroider a skirt for their grooms that is to be worn by the groom on the wedding day. This skirt usually depicts orange blossoms, as this is to symbolize a happy and fulfilled life.

For brides that want to give the traditional look their own modern twist, white always remains a perfect choice! White Spanish style wedding designs are all about one thing: elaboration! Look for big designs in lots of material such as chiffon, silk, organza, taffeta, and tulle, and you’ll be right on track to updating the Spanish look! And to still incorporate that genuine Spanish touch, choose a black overlay to top the white wedding gown. Not only will this speak of both tradition and the true Spanish look, but it’s also extremely striking and dramatic! The bridesmaids and maid of honor can also wear traditional black gowns while the modern Spanish bride looks beautiful in white!

For brides that want to take the modern look to the next level with a Spanish style wedding dress, there’s always a flamenco dress! These beautiful dresses shout your Spanish pride and often come in dazzling hot colors such as reds, oranges, whites, aquas, and just about any other big and bold color you could imagine! These dresses really shout that you are ready to dance on your wedding day and that you are all about the hot Spanish flair!

Another Spanish tradition is that the groom presents his bride with a gift of 13 coins. This set is to be carried on the bride at all times during the wedding day to symbolize a happy life full of good fortune and good luck. Couples that want to carry this tradition with them throughout the day but want something a bit more meaningful to them than gold coins can choose jewelry. What bride wouldn’t love to add a beautiful new set of gold coin earrings to her Spanish style wedding dress? Especially when it’s a gift from her new groom!


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