Spectacular Brazil Vacation

Noted to be the world’s largest tropical country with its vast rain forests and superbly long, silky, soft sandy beaches, Brazil has so many wonders to offer a traveler’s soul. The magnificent cities in Brazil such as Rio de Janeiro, Brasilia and São Paulo illustrate richness both in its ethnicity and history.

Just to give you an insight, take Rio de Janeiro (“River of January”), as an example. It has become a tourist destination due to its breathtaking and unique setting and by its being known as the city in between the mountains and the sea. Nature trippers can sun soak all day long on its tourist packed beaches such as the Copacobana or Ipanema and hikers can uncover hidden trails and be amazed by the thick, Floresta da Tijuca, the world’s second largest urban forest. Rio even has museums for art lovers and theaters for theater fans.

Sports? Soccer is the favorite ballgame of the Cariocas (residents of Rio). Their newly built stadium, Estádío Olímpico João Havelange, can seat around 45,000 viewers. It is believed that they are bidding to hold the 2016 Olympics games and at present they are part of the shortlist together with Tokyo, Madrid and Chicago.

Shopaholics are never left out as there are sprawling shopping centres to suit every shopper’s tastes. Although their native language is Portuguese, there is nothing to worry if you don’t speak their lingo. Businessmen and their sales representatives are able to understand English. You may also buy a language dictionary and bring it with you as an aid. Brazilian natives are very accommodating and ready to lend a hand in case you need their help. Brazil Rio de Janeiro is definitely a one-stop place for all your lifestyle wishes.

Brazil is also known for its festive reputation and what better way to showcase this but through its ever famous annual Carnival which is held for four days straight all with the merry making, parties, street parades and the popular samba dancing.

Despite the fact that Brazil is not as modernized as compared to France or Dubai, it is at par and far greater when it comes to its splendor and elegance both in its environment and extremely hospitable residents. For those who seek privacy, this is the perfect place for you.

Travelers are warned that not all places in Brazil are safe. Almost all cities, especially the poor areas, are posed with an overpopulation problem and with their leniency on juvenile delinquents, this then brought about an increase in crime rates. Sad to say, pick-pocketing, purse and jewelry snatching and the like are rampant with the influx of vacationers. It is best to take proper precautions: guard your valuables and always use your common sense.

Brazil vacations are always a head-turner for the adventure seeker. A single visit would not be enough to scratch a bit of its history and culture. You would really run out of words to describe the exceptional beauty of the land. I am speechless myself. Try it and you will see what I mean.


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