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Speech Bubble Sticky Notes by PCM Takeo

Who doesn’t love sticky notes? If you raised your hand, just leave now…we will wait.  Now for all of you normal people that waited here, check out these cool translucent speech bubble sticky notes that I recently picked up from JetPens as part of our partnership with them.  These  PCM Takeo Peta Clear Sticky Notes are shaped like cartoon speech bubbles and you can grab some right here on JetPens, but continue on unlike those losers who left already to check out he rest of the review.

Each pack of these speech bubble sticky notes contain a longer blue bubble and a smaller red bubble and you get 15 of each for a total of 30.  As you can see from the samples that I stuck on this page of a personal finance magazine, they are translucent and they also have a slight dot pattern behind them.  I think the dots are actually the adhesive but its kind of hard to be 100% certain.

For me, I found the best option for writing on these was to use something like a Sharpie Pen or a regular ballpoint pen.  I tried a Uniball Jetstream too, but that is more of a hybrid ink and although it did write, it seemed to have trouble doing so consistently.  My hunch is that this has to do with the fact that the surface of these speech bubble sticky notes is more like a film with a matte finish rather than traditional paper.

The Sharpie Pen took some time to finally dry, at around 10-12 seconds in different tests, but did finally completely dry.  The ballpoint pen on the other hand dried almost instantly.

My only issue with these speech bubble sticky notes is that its really hard to peel one off of the stack.  Not because they are that sticky, but because its that hard to find and separate them at the edge.  Since they are so precisely cut and also have adhesive on the entire backside its just really difficult to get under one (and only one) to start peeling it off the stack.

If you looked closely at the writing samples above you might have noticed, but here is a close up of the end result of them being hard to peel off.  I ended up mashing the edge where I tried to separate them, so it resisted sticking to the surface in that spot.  Speaking of them sticking, these can also be removed and re-positioned multiple times.  I tested and was able to re-stick them around 25-30 times before noticing any reduction in their sticking power.  This will vary based on how clean the surface is that you are using them on.

In addition to the speech bubble sticky notes, JetPens also has a bunch of other shapes from this manufacturer including arrows, squares, rectangles, circles, and triangles.  Check out all of the shapes for these fun sticky notes right here on JetPens.

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