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SPIGEN SGP Screen Protector Ultra Fine AntiFingerprint AntiGlare for Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1


SPIGEN SGP Screen Protector

A while back I picked up a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Tablet that I’ve really enjoyed using, and after doing lots of research on cases, I settled on one that was perfect, and I figured I could use the tablet without and screen protector.  Shortly I realized I was wrong because the amount of smudges and finger prints  were out of control.  Lucky for me I found this SPIGEN SGP Screen Protector that is both anti-fingerprint and anti-glare.


SPIGEN SGP Screen Protector All Items

Above you see all of the items that you will find in the box, including the screen protector itself, some stickers to lift dust and dirt off the screen, a microfiber cloth, and a hard plastic card to smooth out any air bubbles.  Now some of the reviews of this on Amazon completely trash this screen protector because of how hard it is to put on or how much dust is under the screen, but to be honest I didn’t have any issues  with either of these.  Overall I think screen protectors can be a bit tricky to get a perfect install on, especially as they get bigger in size for tablets.  Making sure you clean the screen completely and work in a VERY well lit area is hugely helpful.  For me, maybe it’s easier because once I cleaned it I installed it inside of my photo tent so I could take pictures, and it was also under the very bright light I use to take photographs.


SPIGEN SGP Screen Protector Hinge Method

One very effective trick I’ve learned (I don’t remember the first time I saw it) for installing a screen protector is called the hinge method.  You can see it being set up in the photo above, but this Youtube video is a nice quick example of how to do it.  The general idea is that you put two pieces of tape on one side like hinges after preparing the surface of your device, then on the opposite side you put another (where a door know would be on a door) piece of tape.  Next you remove the adhesive backing of your screen protector and slowly lay it down on the glass.  Now if you see any imperfections under the screen protector you can use that single piece of tape to lift the screen protector slowly off the glass and take more tape or the included stickers to dab at the specks of dirt and remove them without having the screen protector slide or get out of position.

Now back to the performance of the screen protector itself, in short, I couldn’t be happier.  It really does an excellent job of resisting finger prints and significantly reducing any glare.  It manages to accomplish this without any noticeable performance in the touch screen sensitivity with either your finger or the S-Pen stylus.  There definitely is a slight difference in the brightness of the screen and image with the screen protector installed, but I don’t feel there is any real downside to that, and the benefits of the screen protector definitely outweigh that.  The SPIGEN SGP Screen Protector isn’t the cheapest out there, but in general I don’t tend to look for “the cheapest” on items like this because I think you really get what you pay for with these things, and I see them as more of a way to protect an investment rather than just looking for the cheapest option.

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