Sports Bras for Large Breasts


Authored by Sharon Roney in Women’s Health
Published on 10-22-2009

When you are the bearer of large breasts, not just any sports bra will do. Small breasted women can just walk into any store that sells sports bras, pick one they like no matter the style, and they will probably be satisfied with the bounce reduction and support. Large breasted women looking for sports bras have no such luxury. For real support there are several rules which must be followed. Be prepared to spend a little more cash than usual, but also be excited that vigorous sports and activity is no longer uncomfortable or out of reach.

The main rule that rails against normal sports bra construction is that a sports bra for large breasts should have little to no stretch. Absolutely no sports bra that can be pulled on over the head will have the support required for large breasted women. All the most effective sports bras for large breasts will close in the front or in the back, will have hardly any stretch, and will be somewhat large due to the full coverage needed for full support. Most sports bras aren’t really all that attractive anyway, so worrying about style is needless. If you simply must work out with your shirt off, getting any sports bra in the color black will streamline your look and keep your bra details from attracting attention.

One detail about which large breasted women differ in opinion is buying a bra that separates the breasts. Generally buying a sports bra that separates the breasts is considered a smart choice because sweating and chafing can become severe for women with large breasts. Separating the breasts helps alleviate this problem, though it can make breasts more pronounced. This makes some large breasted women uncomfortable as it will make you differ in appearance from the rest of the uniboob mob.

One bra that is very popular is the Enell Sports Bra. Oprah heartily supports it. The reviews are overwhelmingly positive, and though it provides the fullest coverage possible (meaning it covers a lot of skin area) it really it doesn’t look too bad. This is especially true if you get it in black. Many websites carry the Enell bra such as HerRoom.com, Amazon.com, and LadiesOnlySports.com. If there’s something you don’t like about the look of the bra, visit Enell.com and find a store near you to try one on. If it performs the magic it’s supposed to, then you might want it anyway.

Brastop.com is another website that specializes in underwear for D+ sizes. They recommend a couple bras by Playtex: the Max Support Bra and the Shock Absorber. The Max Support Bra is the cutest with a sleek design, but the straps seem like they can’t possibly be as comfortable as needed. Brastop.com is also a UK company, which means you’ll have to wait a bit longer for your order to arrive. Reviews for the Shock Absorber Max say that it provides great support, but because of the separate cups it makes breasts look pointy. Some women don’t like this because of the emphasis it puts on the breasts when the intended result is downplaying them.

Large breasted women should always try on sports bras before buying them if possible. If you are ordering from a website, make sure you read their return policy carefully and read plenty of reviews before ordering. A good fitting sports bra will make you completely forget about your breasts and free you to do whatever you want physically; that’s worth some time and energy! See you at the gym!


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