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Spring Cleaning Giveaway Winner


Spring Cleaning Giveaway Winner Pens

So we have a winner of the Spring Cleaning Pen and Nock Co Pen case giveaway.  Here are the pens that were included, as well as the total retail values of each:

The grand total of the pens included in the Nock Co. Pen case is $167.15.  We had some VERY close guesses, even within a few cents, but nobody was dead on, so its to the random selection method to pick the winner of this prize pack.

Congratulations to Gail B McDaniel.  If thats you just leave a comment below to let use know you saw this, and so everyone knows you are claiming your prize.  Then click on the “About/Contact” link and email us with your full shipping info to claim your prize.  Gail will have until 11:59 PM eastern to leave a comment here and contact us to claim her prize or it will be forfeited and a new winner will be selected.  Thanks so much to everyone that participated!

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