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Spring Soup Recipes

  • By Francesca Rilotelli
  • Published 04/30/2012

Soup is one of the most overlooked, flexible and convenient foods to prepare. Often used as a winter warmer, even when winter finishes soup is still a useful dish, and therefore spring soup recipes are one of the most useful things to be aware of at this time of year.

Part of the versatility of soup is that almost any ingredient can be used. Therefore, soup is a great dish for either buying ingredients in for a particular recipe, or using leftover ingredients from the cupboard, adding some tasty stock and providing a delicious and tasty dish for anyone. Spring soup recipes are available for all occasions.

For some of those who eat soup, they very rarely venture from the varieties that can be spotted in tins on the supermarket shelf: such as tomato, chicken and vegetable or oxtail soup. However, soup is a much more varied dish, and homemade soups in particular provide a flavour and freshness that tinned soup cannot hope to match, meaning that any respectable cook will want to be able to rustle up a soup from a variety of recipes that make such a dish so versatile in the kitchen.

Soups generally fall into one of two categories – thin or thick soup. Thick soups can be distinguished in the obvious manner in that they are normally thicker, either through adding ingredients such as meat or potatoes that thicken up the soup, or through being thickened much like a sauce with a thickening agent.

Soups can be either thick or thin depending on personal preference, and a number of recipes are available for all different kinds of soup, depending on the palette.

As a dish, soup is almost always served hot, although some, such as leek and potato soup, can also be served cold, and pumpkin or carrot soup are another variety of soup that can be served cold. Generally, however, most people will want their soup to be hot, and a warming meat broth or a simple vegetable soup provide excellent warming on a cold day, as well as being nutritious, tasty and heartily filling.

About the Author : Francesca Rilotelli is a writer and fan of spring soup recipes



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