Springsteen Still Rocking, Headlines Super Bowl Halftime Show


Authored by Jon Mercer in Music
Published on 02-03-2009

On Sunday February 1st Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band will be the headlining act at the Super Bowl half time show. Springsteen, who is now 58, and his Famous “E Street Band” have just released a new album called “Working On A Dream” and are ready to kick off a world tour in support of their latest effort. There is some controversy already surrounding the new album that was released on Tuesday January 27th.

According to internet message board buzz, the first song released from the new album sounds suspiciously like Kiss’ I Was Made For Loving You, which was released in 1979. Springsteen, who had no comment about the song entitled “Outlaw Pete”, said that the E Street Band has just gone through the golden age and is playing better than ever. “Were a bunch of old soldiers, but the band is still burning.”

Springsteen and his band recently performed at the inaugural concert for President Barrack Obama and he is not shy about expressing his views about the Bush administration, of which he was a very outspoken critic. The Boss, as he is often called, said that President Bush hijacked the values of the American people as well as their ideals. Springsteen was a big supporter of now President Barrack Obama during his presidential campaign.

The new album is a much more personal album than his recent works, focusing on romance and relationships instead of outrage over government policies and politics. The album feels like it is sparked from classic 60’s pop music, said one reviewer. The new album is a definite departure from his last album “Magic”, which was full of political overtones and outrage over the war in Iraq. On tour for the album, Springsteen told fans at concerts that America was now known for voter suppression and illegal wire tapping.

Springsteen has been in the spotlight a lot lately with his performance at the pre-inaugural concert for Obama and he also won a Golden Globe Award for his title song for the independent film “The Wrestler,” not to mention headlining the Super Bowl half-time show. “Working On A Dream” is Springsteen’s fourth album produced by Brendan O’Brien since 2002, and critics say that its sound is clearly influenced by 60’s pop music such as The Beach Boy’s, Roy Orbison, The Birds, and The Turtles.

Springsteen and the E Street Band will kick off a world tour in San Jose, California in April, before heading to Europe toward the end of may.


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