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Sprout Pencil Update We have Herbs


Sprout Pencil Growth 2 weeks

Previously I shared the photo above that shows the progress of the sprout pencil seeds after about two weeks and in that picture both the mint and rosemary had not begun to sprout yet.  Now that its been about four weeks since planting I thought it was a good time to share another update.


Sprout Pencil Seeds Growing

As you can see in the new picture the herbs have really taken off, with the basil being the largest of the group…it is the one in the front left with the largest leaves.


Sprout Pencil Growth – No Mint or Rosemary

Sadly though the mint and the rosemary still have not grown any at all.  I don’t do a lot of planting of seeds, but I feel like this is a pretty poor representation when 22 out of 6 fail to grow but it is also admittedly a small sample size.  Maybe the next step will be cooking something with these, the basil smells great so I’m sure it will add some nice flavor to something.


Sprout Pencils with Seeds

If you missed the initial review of these, you can check it out here and you can also grab your own set of Sprout Pencils from Amazon where they have the herb version as well as a flower version.  I will try to share another update in a few weeks if anything significant changes.  Its always nice to add some greenery to the blog here and mix things up by sharing some posts that are not 100% office supply related.

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