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Sprout Pencils with Seeds


Sprout Pencils Full Body

There is a fine line between gimmicky and cool office supplies, and I guess it can be a fairly subjective issue as well.  From my perspective though, I like having greenery in my living and work space because it just looks nice and some plants even have certain health benefits by cleaning the air.  Since I enjoy having plants around AND like office supplies, these Sprout Pencils with Herb Seeds seemed like a pretty cool item to try out.


Sprout Pencils with Laser Etching

Now although these herbs are not the type that clean the air, they should definitely look cool, and maybe having some fresh herbs on hand will inspire me to cook some and eat a little healthier too.  The top of the pencils have the type of seed or herb laser etched into the wood case, and the top green capsule is where the seeds are stored.  My best guess is that the green capsules on top are pretty much the same as a gel capsule that you would find any sort of medication in.  They are designed to start dissolving upon contact with water so that the seeds will be exposed to the soil and water that they need to grow.  Also take note of how the names of the herbs are close to the end with the seeds.  This allows the exposed end of the pencil to remain above the soil to act as a label for that herb.


Package of Sprout Pencils with Seeds

As you can see from the package of the Sprout Pencils, the box comes with 8 wood pencils which were made in the US.  The original Kickstarter page for the Sprout Pencils state that the pencils are made from cedar too, giving them that nice familiar pencil smell when you sharpen them.  In some quick testing I was honestly surprised at how nicely these pencils wrote.  I was honestly expecting that waxy feel when I put the point to paper and started writing, which is what you get with many cheap novelty pencils, but it wasn’t the case.  There was actually a nice smooth and dark line left behind with these pencils, and there was none of that scratchy feel that you get when there are imperfections in the pencil lead (technically graphite and clay, not real lead) which is another trait of some cheap pencils.


Window Planter for Sprout Pencils

I’ve had these Sprout Pencils for a few months now, so I really want to get to planting them, because they do recommend that you plant them within a year.  Above is a picture from Amazon of the window planter that I picked up in order to plant these, which I will hopefully do net week.  I’ll definitely share some pictures of that process and progress as they hopefully take root and grow.


Sprout Pencils with Seeds

Keep in mind that for a pack of 8 pencils, these aren’t exactly cheap, but they certainly perform well and have an immeasurable cool factor.  The Sprout Pencils might be a great idea for a fun mother’s day gift too, and since they are available on Amazon you can probably get some delivered just in time to make mom’s day.  If you don’t grab a set for yourself or mom, be sure to check back and see what happens once these are planted.

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