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Stabilo Sensor Fineliner Marker Pen Fine Point


Stabilo Sensor Fineliner Cap Posted

Another review today that is sponsored (ie. they sent us this pen for free) by our friends at Jetpens.  The Stabilo Sensor Fineliner Marker Pen looks like an ordinary plastic tipped marker pen, but it does hide a pretty cool little secret in its tip.


Stabilo Sensor Fineliner Tip

So the cool part about the Stabilo Sensor Fineliner is that the tip you see pictured above actually retracts into that metal casing a bit depending on how much pressure you put on it.  This is done in order to keep a consistent line when writing with different pressure, and to keep the tip from getting as worn over time.  I wasn’t able to photograph it, but the tip will retract all the way back into that metal casing if you press straight down pretty firmly.  Other than that, with normal writing pressure the retraction is pretty much unnoticeable, except in the fact that its doing what it is supposed to do.  Another nice benefit to the metal casing around the tip there is that if you want a pen for stencils and / or to be used with a ruler, this is a great option because that metal casing will rub against the edge of your ruler or stencil instead of the tip rubbing on them and getting ink all over.


Stabilo Sensor Fineliner Capped

The Stabilo Sensor Fineliner comes in your standard range of red, blue, black and green, and is available with a .3mm or fine tip.  The picture above shows the pen with its cap on, but as you can see in the first photo, the cap does post on the back firmly.  Although the pen does have a slightly aluminum look to the body, it is definitely just plastic, but it still has a fairly solid feel to it, and it is not too light.  The grip section (as you can see in the second photo above) starts a little bit high for my taste, but it is still pretty comfortable, with its concentric grooves to give you that bit of friction to keep a solid hold of the pen as you write.


Stabilo Sensor Fineliner Writing Sample

The overall writing experience with this pen was pretty nice.  The tip glides very smoothly over the paper in my Black n Red notebook, and it has a nice balance in my hand as well.  I only have the blue version, but I like this particular shade of blue because its not one of those shades where you need to look really closely to be sure that it isn’t really black.  In terms of a comparison to similar products, I’d say it is closest to the Sharpie Pen, but it is still quite different.  The biggest differences between this and the Sharpie Pen are that this pen definitely wont hold up to water that well, and the tip is definitely a bit more narrow.  Now these things do not make it a bad pen at all, just different, and the retractable tip is definitely an added bonus that you will find here, but not on the Sharpie Pen.

In the search for unique pens, I’d definitely say that the Stabilo Sensor Fineliner Marker Pen fits the bill because of its retractable tip alone, not to mention that its just a great writing little pen with a very smooth, consistent and fine line.  Check out out over at Jetpens, and thanks to everyone  there for sending this over.

©2017, Brian Greene. All rights reserved.


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