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Staedtler Woodless Graphite Pencil Review


Staedtler Woodless Graphite Pencils Package

During a recent shopping trip I stumbled across what I thought were just some gray pencils until I took a closer look and actually read the package.  These Staedtler Woodless Graphite Pencils (via Staples) look really cool and even feel really cool while in the hand and writing with them.


Staedtler Woodless Graphite Pencils Side Writing

Two sides of the hexagonal shape of the Staedtler Woodles Graphite Pencils have writing and branding on them as you can see in the above photo.  One of the important things that you see up there on the printing on the side of the pencil is the HB#2 indicator.  You cant really tell from this photo, but the pencils have a lacquered finish on them so the bare graphite wont get all over your hands as you write.


Staedtler Woodless Graphite Pencil Point Up Close

This close up of the Staedtler Woodless Graphite really gets the point across that there is no wood in these pencils.  Its essentially a shaft of graphite with special coating to keep your fingers clean, and an eraser on top.  A typical pencil is usually constructed mostly of wood, which actually gives it a fairly light feel in your hand.  This Staedtler Woodless Graphite pencil is actually mostly made of graphite which makes it noticeably heavier than a standard wood case pencil.  You won’t find it to be too heavy to write with, but its definitely a nice change of pace in my opinion since I like a slightly heftier pen or pencil to write with.  It also doesn’t create a situation where the pencil feels imbalanced in your hand due to the extra weight.

Staedtler Woodless Graphite Pencil Review Writing Sample


Staedtler Woodless Graphite Pencil Writing Sample

For someone that really doesn’t enjoy writing with your standard analog pencil, I was still pretty happy with how the Staedtler Woodless Graphite Pencil performed.  The quality of the graphite was very nice as I didn’t experience any of those annoying breaks or gaps in the graphite when you sharpen it that leave scratchy and inconsistent markings in your writing.  I’m used to writing with my Uniball Kuru Toga exclusively, so I maybe a bit biased, but I did feel a slight bit of a waxy drag when writing with this as compred to my other pencil writing experiences.  There was definitely an ability to get some smooth and even shading with the Staedtler Woodless Graphite Pencil and the latex free erased did a pretty good job erasing except in the case of only the heaviest markings from the pencil.  Even then it did an adequate job, but didn’t completely remove the markings.

Personally I will probably keep these at my desk for the novelty of them, but the performance is also good enough to warrant a spot in my rotation just to have a well rounded set of tools at all times.  You can grab your own set of Staedtler Woodless Graphite Pencils in person or online (via Staples) and I would recommend it because they are definitely a cool and fun option.

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